The current waste market operates based on an outdated scheme. Waste in most countries first goes to a landfill and sorted only afterward. However, to adequately cope with a large amount of garbage is difficult, and therefore most of it simply stays in the landfill. Landfills take up a lot of space and contain untold quantities of useful recyclables that could be utilized. Insufficient motivation is the main reason for improper waste disposal.

Most of the world’s countries are struggling to deal with their waste problems. Poor management of waste impacts the communal well-being of entire communities and cities; results in pollution of local water, air and land resources; contribute to climate change and ocean pollution; promotes climate warming and hastens the depletion of forests and mines.

Recereum proposes to reward eco-friendly actions through their platform which is powered by revolutionary blockchain technology.

About Recereum

Token Symbol: RCR

Token Price: 1 ETH = 300 RCR

Total Supply: 7,999,000 RCR

Soft Cap: 1,800 ETH

Hard Cap: 15,731 ETH

Recereum is a platform based on the blockchain which will help establish a direct connection between the waste receiving company and the individual user or household. One of the main costs of a garbage processing plant is waste sorting.

Proper sorting of waste allows the company's costs to be reduced. Part of the money saved is transferred to the Recereum’s cryptocurrency account as coins. These coins are awarded to each household, or to the user’s personal wallet. In this way, coins can be credited from various places — including stations collecting recyclables, bottle vending machines, waste collection centers and others. Accumulated bonuses can be used to pay for the services of an official partner of the ecosystem Recereum. Thus, coins can be transferred to the waste reprocessing plant, and the plant can then re-award bonuses to users for accurate sorting of waste.

Few examples of services that the platform can offer are:

Waste sorting: Earn coins by waste sorting. A small action will help to get bonuses, as well as help to save nature.

Glass and Plastic: Exchange plastic and aluminum bottles in vending machines to a large armful of coins in your pocket, or recereum coins to your account in a phone.

Used batteries: Exchange old batteries, electronics, and other unneeded things at special points to really valuable coins to your account.

Recereum Token Details

A total of 7,999,000 Recereum Token (RCR) will be issued, out of which 5,199,410 RCR tokens (65%) will be sold to the public. 4,719,410 RCR will be sold during Token Sale and 480,000 RCR will be allocated to the Pre-sale. 25% of the tokens will get to the team, 5% to the advisors and early supporters, and 5% for the reserve. During the Pre-sale, 1 ETH will buy 300 RCR and there is a bonus of 40% whereas in the public sale the token costs the same and bonuses keep reducing every week(from 40% to 5%).

39% of the funds from token sale will be used for development, 26% for the marketing, 15% for business development, 5% operations, 5% legal and 10% will be allocated for the reserves.

Recereum Conclusion

Countries spend billions of dollars to resolve ecological disasters. Why not start fighting the cause, instead of the consequences? The platform is designed for any garbage processing plant or municipality, or a company that works with any type of recyclable materials. By collecting waste properly sorted by consumers, the plant no longer needs do so itself, which reduces costs, and also increases the number of collected recyclables.

More resources and lower costs enable factories to grant rewards to people.

Further details about this platform and its ecosystem are available on .

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