Recereum RCR ICO Review

As many of us already know, the amount of pollution within our oceans and environment has been increasing steadily for the past century. Whether its a simple plastic cup, an old TV, or a mobile phone, all of it is sent to a landfill once we dispose off the item. However, since these objects are non-biodegradable, they contribute to toxic gas emissions, soil contamination for years on end.

At this point, it should also be mentioned that, according to a UN report from 2016; most of the world’s countries are “struggling to deal” with their waste generation problems. Landfills, such as the as the ones in Mexico, Brazil, China have been statistically shown to receive more than ten thousand tonnes of garbage refuse on a daily basis.

Thus, though the use of Recereum, environmentally conscious citizens have the ability to “sort out their garbage properly”, thereby reducing the cost of waste disposal, and increasing the amount of recyclable materials in the world.

Simply put, Recereum can be thought of as a blockchain-based platform that has been designed for “turning waste and recyclables into real value assets”.

More About Recereum

Recycling has become a major global phenomenon within the past couple of decades, especially after many governments took initiates to educate householders about the advantages of such actions.

Statistically speaking, studies released by the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) have shown that today more than five hundred million tonnes of waste is recycled every year. Not only that, the recycling industry today employs more than 1.5 million people (and produces an annual turnover of $560 million).

Recereum is a “crypto based recycling platform” that is based entirely within the blockchain. It has been designed to help “individual householders” connect with “waste retrieval companies”, so as to help both parties involved increase their monetary gains from each individual transaction.

What Does Recereum Allow Us to Recycle?

(i) Glass bottles and jars:

This includes old beer bottles, jam containers etc. (the lids and caps are recycled separately).

(ii) Paper:

This includes any paper based rubbish such as newspapers, magazines, telephone books, light cardboard etc.

(iii) Laminated Paper:

This is thicker paper that is used to create cups and other disposable cutlery.

(iv) Milk Cartons:

These are similar to laminated paper, and can be used to store milk, juice etc.

(v) Aluminium Cans:

These include soft drink and beer cans.

(vi) Plastic bottles and bottle tops.

(vii) Textiles:

This category includes clean clothes, bed linen, towels, coats and jackets.

(viii) Electronic Goods:

Through the use of Recereum, electronic devices such as washing machines, cookers, dryers, dishwashers, fridges can be disposed off in a safe manner.

(ix) Batteries:

This can include any power source ranging from car to phone batteries .

What Does the Company’s Business Model Look Like?

(i) Householders:

The native app will be free to download for homeowners. Through the use of this app, a customer will be able to perform activities such as:

  • Track account balance,
  • Receive coins,
  • Scan QR codes.

(ii) Businesses:

Recycling companies looking to make use of this service will have to subscribe to a plan that covers their individual specifications and needs. In addition to this, companies have the ability to “select necessary additions and modules” to better suit their requirements.

(ii) Franchisees:

There is also an option for franchisees to make use of Recereum at a highly reduced subscription rate.

Recereum RCR ICO Token Details

All of the internal transactions that will take place within the Recereum ecosystem will be done so via the use of RCR Tokens. The price of each native coin has been set at 1 ETH = 300 RCR. In all, there will be a total of 7,999,000 RCR created.

The RCR coin will be ERC20 compliant, and will be made available to potential investors via the use of 2 seperate crowdsale periods:

(i) Presale:

There will be a total of 480,000 RCR which will be made available during this phase.

(ii) ICO:

There will be a total of 4,719,410 RCR that will be sold during this period.

Recereum RCR ICO Token Distribution Details

As per the official company whitepaper, the tokens will be allocated in the following manner:

  • 65% of the currency pool will be made available to investors via the Presale and ICO.
  • 25% has been set aside for use by the core dev team behind Recereum.
  • 5% of the tokens have been reserved for company advisors and early investors.
  • The remaining 5% will be used for the creation of a reserve.

Revenue Distribution Model

  • 39% of the raised money will be used towards the further development of the Recereum ecosystem (platform integration, bug fixes etc).
  • 26% has be set aside for further marketing and advertising of the platform to a global audience.
  • 15% will be used for other business initiatives.
  • 5% of all funds will be used to pay for salaries, as well as cover for daily admin fees.
  • Another 5% will be used to cover for legal expenses.
  • The remaining 10% will be used for the creation of a reserve fund.

At this point, it should also be mentioned that the pre sale is over, and the commencement date for the ICO has not been released.

For any further details, clarifications regarding the Recereum platform, users can get in touch with company officials either via email, or through the their social media outlets.

Who is Behind The Recereum RCR Project?

According to the website, Bohdan Yakubovych is the company’s “co-Founder and Financial Head”. He is also the owner of US-based transportation company called UKR Trans Express, and has been in the logistics domain for more than a decade now.

Similarly, Grigory Shegeda serves the company’s “Blockchain & Smart Contracts developer”. He has been in the energy/ recycling sector for over 10 years, and has also been an independent contractor for many small businesses in the past. Lastly, Alex Shatkowski is the Head Research for Recereum. He has extensive knowledge of PM UX systems, and has headed many worketeams in the past.

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