What is RecordGram?

RecordGram is a Token Based distribution center for music production and also a marketplace. They claim that record gram has a vision to absolutely disrupt the entire music industry. RecordGrams vision is to establish itself as a decentralized application that works on various mobile devices.

How Does RecordGram Work?

They have the goal of making a mobile application that completely democratizes any music talent discovery and their collaboration within the group. They also want to make benefits and opportunity on a financial scale, so these people can get compensated for their involvement in the platform. And everything on the system will be done via blockchain technology and a cryptocurrency based payment system.

Their vision is become the full representation of disruption in the music industry. They are seeking to empower young artists who have talent, so they can work with the right producers. The platform is designed to make them discover each other and to make it easy for them to work together to make great music and have a career doing what they love.

Record Gram’s mission is to make it much easier for producers and also singers, songwriters and musicians to come form the ideal collaboration. That will increase the popularity, and allow them to make money from their original content.

They Have a System Set in Place for the Recording, Storing and Distribution of the Content:


This is the marketplace where people can search, purchase and help distribute music, beats, videos, etc.


It’s like an online, virtual studio that runs via blockchain technology to preserve the ownership of the music produced.

Social Media

The network will allow people to better distribute music and connect with each other to develop the relationships that will be most beneficial for everyone.


The platform will allow for streaming of all music that is purchased via the Tokens being released through the ICO.

What is the ICO on RecordGram?

As of now, the website is in early production as is app development. The site simply says coming soon when it comes to Tokens. The system is powered by blockchain technology however, and is said to offer a unique experience in terms of user experience, music production and its ensuing distribution.

User’s transactions are going to be done on a new platform known as TUNEs, it is an Ehtereum, ERC20 based crypto-token that will be released via their initial coin offering. The beats, songs, videos and any other content will be store on Hyperledge. And they believe this will help keep up the preservation of ownership and authorship through the use of metadata that is embedded on each track.

Who is Behind RecordGram?

There are some major partners backing the platform development. The major one to note is TechCrunch. There is also Lightspeed, New World Angels (Funding Florida’s Future) and Planet of the Apps. These are the major backers from a technological and financial support standing. The people on the platform are as follows:

  • Erik Mendelson – CEO
  • DJ Blackout – Co – Founder
  • Shawn Mims – Co – Founder
  • Shahriar Sikder – CTO

There are also advisors as well:

Gary Manheimer, Ryder Lee and Beth Raebeck Hall make up the team of advisors for RecordGram.

RecordGram Conclusion

Stay in tune for more updates because Recordrgram is looking to change the game in the music industry. Once again, it’s a platform based n Blockchain technology that is designed to help upcoming, aspiring musicians come together and form serious collaborations with award winning producers on a worldwide ecosystem. You can lean more at

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