What Is RecordsKeeper?

RecordsKeeper is a record management platform that seeks to provide a decentralized ecosystem for data sharing and verification. The platform integrates blockchain technology to offer users an ecosystem that ensures the secure transfer, authorization, authenticity, and integrity of data.

RecordsKeeper creates structured data storage for individuals and organizations through the decentralized blockchain technology that simplifies data access and security. RecordsKeeper is useful in banking and financial institutions, government and manufacturing industries and in titles of ownership for patents, music and land records.

How RecordsKeeper Blockchain Record-Keeping Data Storage Works

RecordsKeeper has a wide variety of open-source libraries and API that individuals can use to upload records in the blockchain network using programming, website, backend, apps or servers. Once a user uploads a file on the platform, a condensed record of the file and the meta information is signed and pushed to the RecordsKeeper ledger while the actual data is pushed to storage layer that been encrypted where it is accessible when necessary.

Users do not have a limit to the amount of data that they can store in the encrypted ledger. Blockchain records any alterations made to the record after the owner of the record uploads it. Clients can use checksum with SHA256 hashing ensure that records were not altered.

Users can also share the data with other users through sending a transaction in order to verify the data. The data is also sharable with external businesses integrated into RecordsKeeper for external use. Blockchain technology manages the records and eliminates the need for involving intermediaries in the transaction. The decentralized network also give users the control of the data shared on RecordsKeeper ledger.

RecordsKeeper operates and is powered using the XRK token. To upload data or records in the RecordsKeeper Blockchain, users will have to purchase the XRK tokens and use them to pay for the upload fees. After the platform receives the tokens from the users, it delivers them to miners so that they can mine the block and secure the network. The tokens comply with the Proof-of-Work algorithm during mining. Mining can be done using local computers, servers and cloud servers.

RecordsKeeper Benefits

Data Security

Users can set up RecordsKeeper’s blockchain in their local or cloud infrastructure to secure their data as the platform ensures that the integrity and authenticity of the data while also making sure that it is authentic and not altered.

Vital Tools

The platform offers important tools that utilize blockchain technology which enable users to generate Proof-of-Existence, Proof-of-Authenticity & Proof-of-Integrity of their records, documents, or files.

Unlimited Storage

RecordsKeeper provides its users with unlimited storage space on the blockchain network for their verifiable and authenticable data at a lower price, compared to what it would cost the user when using traditional technologies such as MySQL, Oracle, or MSSQL.


Records are easy to maintain and update using the APIs & Libraries that are functional with RecordsKeeper.

RecordsKeeper XRK Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token: XRK
  • Total supply during ICO: 60,000,000 XRK
  • Sale date: 7 July 2018 – 22 July 2018
  • Exchange rate: BTC 0.00005 = 1 XRK
  • Accepted payment methods: BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, BTG, BCH

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