Sex is a matter that is often talked about in hushed tones. It is kind of a taboo to talk of sex education openly. That presents a gap in knowledge amongst most people while dealing with sex issues. As a result, most of the population relies on online content as a source for details on sex. However, our online activities still get monitored, and the security of personal information is always at stake. That is where blockchain technology comes in.

What Is Red Lanterns?

Red Lantern is a unique platform that plans to develop sex education and make it more accessible and reliable. Through their advanced blockchain platform, the project intends to connect its application users to sex education experts, lifestyle coaches, and psychologists. That is under a secure and private manner of communication, where users can ask questions on matters of sexology, sexual relations, and psychology and receive answers.

How Red Lanterns REDL Anti-Sexual Harassment App Project Works

The Red Lantern platform will offer their community support services through the RL mobile applications. Once a user registers through the app, their profile is matched to an expert or content that is tailored to meet their needs. Each member will get specialists based on their own personal preferences, by requests, location, and characteristics among other factors.

All participants will be allowed to purchase the services via the platform's main token REDL. The token is available on the platforms main ICO landing page. Additionally, the token will go into establishing a community where members get a background of anonymity and smart contracts to facilitate the confidentiality of the services such as video chats when seeking answers to sex-related questions.

Is Red Lanterns Beneficial?

The main selling point for Red Lantern is its goal to eliminate sexual ignorance through an educational objective. Also, they plan to reduce the causes of this ignorance through the most efficient way possible. Some of the challenges that Red lantern will remedy include the ease of access to primary sexual education among peers. Best of all, the platform is planning to do this through the blockchain which is fast becoming a favorite portal for millennials. Moreover, the project will help improve the standards of sexual education with our social scenes. The current situation of our sex education topics is distorted mainly due to failure by our mass media especially the Internet.

Also, the confidentiality of personal information provided by the blockchain will enable Red Lantern to become an excellent platform to promote free and honest dialogue on individual sex issues which might be deemed either too peculiar, critical or at times receive mockery. In the end, the typical suppression and control of sexual education content will reduce through the prism of Red Lantern.

Red Lanterns Final Thoughts

Although we might deny it, the level of sexual literacy among the population is still low. That is an attribute resulting from the stigma of sex. But with the introduction of a private sexual education network, more individuals will take up the mantle and learn more about issues of sexology. Red Lantern is helping bridge the gap on sex education which is a vital judging from the situation facing our modern society. Their unique concept can go a long way in reducing the challenges of sexual harassment, assault or misconduct that has plagued us due to the lack of information and cultural discrepancies.

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