One of the most challenging concepts with the adoption of cryptocurrency is how the currency achieves its value. While this is a matter for another day, it is wise to know that most crypto relies on its use cases to generate interest and ultimate investors who give rise to the value. With that in mind, there is a myriad of cryptocurrency that has different uses cases to make it more valuable in the first place.

For those who don't want centralized structures to control their assets and other resources, blockchain technology could not have come at a better tome. With a majority of the online platforms taking advantage of the user, blockchain technology could be leveraged to provide a more user-based platform that will suit the ordinary user.

Consequently, such a model could prove beneficial in the content industry since it is most affected by such circumstances. Fortunately, the next venture could make the difference for the future of content creation.

What Is Red Pill Coin?

REDPILLCOIN is a cryptocurrency designed to build up and facilitate blockchain-based online communities for content creators, commenters, and users with the aims to reward them with tips, milestones, and customer loyalty programs.

The digital currency will work under a decentralized blockchain entity to facilitate the protection of content created by any participant without any threat of expulsion or elimination. Typically, without existing content platforms are borderline authoritarian with their many terms, conditions and content are flagging. Fortunately, REDPILLCOIN will eliminate this shortcoming by forming a more user-centric platform on the blockchain.

Red Pill Coin Mobile Cryptocurrency Features

  • An electronic wallet-the official Ethereum wallet will be in use to store the Red Pills and is available to investors through the Github platform
  • Marketplace-with its multiple applications apart from content creation protection, Red Pill are tradeable within numerous markets that accept and support the token.
  • RED PILL exchange- Red Pill plan on utilizing BitSqaure as the coin's official exchange platform.

Red Pill Coin Benefits

  • Secure payments- as a cryptocurrency, Red Pill will offer a secure mode of sending and receiving payments between different kinds of individuals in a safe and fun way.
  • Real value-unlike the typical reputation point system, Red Pill is readily convertible into cash, and this separates the coin from the rest of the digital currency out there.
  • Unique design-while Red Pill's initial design was for content creators and consumers. The token can be put to use in some multiple purposes such as rewarding, tipping and awarding loyalty.

Red Pill Coin RPIL Token ICO Details

  • Pre-ICO Start Date: April 21st
  • Pre-ICO End Date: May 10th
  • Main-ICO Start Date: May 11th
  • Main-ICO End Date: June 10th
  • Coin Name – Red Pill Coin
  • Symbol – RPIL
  • Decimal Places – 8
  • Token Standard – ERC20
  • Token Type – POW (Proof of Work)
  • Softcap – 1250 ETH $500,000 USD
  • Hardcap – 15000 ETH $6,000,000 USD
  • Tokens For Sale – 50,000,000 RPIL
  • Unsold ICO coins will be burned
  • Token Supply – 100,008,760 (Pre-Mined)

Red Pill Coin Conclusion

For any content creator, Red Pill might seem like an excellent option for you to join and help protect your creative work. However, I foresee a downside with the project. Much of the negatives lie in the fact that Red Pill prides of having multiple uses and as a pioneer coin to be in use for subscriber rewarding. While this is positive, it portrays the lack of focus the project has on what they would want to achieve within the blockchain world in the coming future.


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