The conventional modern trading market is mostly a buyer’s market, where the buy can defer payments until after receiving the required services or goods. Hence, the use of trade receivable can be seen in nearly all sectors of business, where the service provider is always at risk till he’s paid.

The innovative refactor platform seeks to provide better control of these receivables to ensure service providers can respond rapidly to any changes regarding the payment or volume of supplies. The vision is to provide platform investors the chance of obtaining extra risk protection as well as high returns on investments.

About Re:factor

The ReFactor transnational corporation is a universal business ecosystem currently under development by a group of globally renowned experts. This ecosystem allows all interested parties to conduct small to large-scale operations involving trade receivables throughout the world. Built on Ethereum’s public blockchain, this platform supports 4D factoring, which means clients can sell, buy, transfer, and pledge trade receivables.

How Re:factor Blockchain Trade Receivables Platform Works

On this Refactor ecosystem sellers and buyers will undertake factoring operations online, without any third party intermediaries to maintain maximum security and transparency. Since all this work is done online, it will help replace the need for having paper documents in circulation. Debtors and clients, therefore, receive several benefits, including a reduction in paperwork and storage costs, protection of data and funding improvement.

What Re:factor Proposes

The team at ReFactor is comprised of the leading global experts in the financial markets, specifically in factoring, whose unique abilities will be utilized to advance the platform. The team will conduct several operations to achieve this milestone, including the assessment of all trade receivable across different countries and industries and also automating the financial transactions associated with receivables management. Besides, these experts will also help to generate demand for services and products linked to receivables.

The ReFactor project plans to develop these four critical areas to help achieve the stated vision above:


This will be the global factoring company that offers full factoring services, including securing financing, supplier risk protection, automated receivables accounting and evaluation of clients’ creditworthiness among others.


This P2P financing method will enable a pool of interested investors to appear as one factor. All investors contribute the necessary sum needed to fund a specific invoice or get shares in the trade receivables.


The features of this RTP platform are similar to a currency trading site, thus allowing the international trade in receivables via an intuitive online interface that records, monitors and analyzes investor transactions.


The STRAM platform will use trade receivables as a form of collateral for all financial institutions, thus helping them to reduce their risks and to prevent potential crises significantly.

Re:factor REFT Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Presale token symbol: REFT
  • REFT price: 1ETH = 8,775 RFT
  • Minimum token volume per client: 0.001 ETH
  • ICO token symbol: RFT
  • RFT price: 1ETH = 6,500 RFT
  • Minimum token volume per client: 0.01 ETH
  • Presale dates: 17/4/2018 to 18/5/2018
  • Main sale dates: 25/6/2018 to 10/8/2018
  • Accepted currencies: ETH, ETC, BTC, DASH, BTG, and LTC

Token Distribution

  • Maximum amount of tokens issued: 1 billion
  • Maximum volume of ICO tokens: 720 million
  • Team member reserve tokens: 200 million
  • Pre-ICO stage: 50 million
  • Bounty: 10 million
  • Advisors: 10 million
  • Referral investors: 10 million
  • Hard cap: 100,000 ETH
  • Soft cap: 5,000 ETH

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