RefToken aims to be the world’s first decentralized affiliate marketing platform. Find out how RefToken works today in our review.

What Is RefToken?

RefToken is a decentralized affiliate marketing platform available online at

The platform seeks to solve a key problem in the world of blockchain technology: the Ethereum decentralized app ecosystem is expanding rapidly. Eventually, it will reach a point where companies need to scale rapidly and acquire end users at a rate that is greater than the adoption of blockchain technology.

RefToken plans to solve this problem by using smart contracts to establish trustless relationships between brands and affiliates, with all revenue and conversion data secured on a blockchain to allow instant payments for completed transactions.

RefToken announced the public release of version 1.0 of its platform in early August. The pre-ICO is scheduled for early September.

RefToken Features

RefToken advertises all of the following features:

Trustless And Based On Smart Contracts:

RefToken aims to reduce fraud in the affiliate marketing industry using self-executing and self-enforcing smart contracts to prevent cheating by both parties.

Instant Payments:

Cash flow and pay cycles are another problem in the affiliate marketing world. RefToken will issue payments to affiliates the instant a smart contract is satisfied. You don’t have to worry about getting paid weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly by an affiliate marketing company anymore.

Unlimited Conversion Requirements:

Conversion requirements are no longer limited to pixels and postbacks. Smart contracts allow infinite flexibility limited only to the person writing the contract.

Who’s Behind RefToken?

RefToken is led by Jan Sammut (CEO), who has 10 years of experience in online gambling as both an affiliate and operator. Other key members of the team include Alexander Anter (CTO).

How Does RefToken Work?

RefToken’s platform is available for anyone to try online here:

You can sign onto the platform as an affiliate or a merchant, then view key features on the dashboard. You can check today’s profit, for example, view goals (like registrations, page visits, deposits, and subscriptions), and check your list of partly-accomplished goals and fully-accomplished goals.

The RefToken ecosystem revolves around the use of ReferalTokens (RFR).

The RefToken Crowdsale

RefToken’s ecosystem revolves around the use of ReferalToken (RFR). And yes, “referal” is spelled incorrectly on the official website.

Fees will be charged to users of the platform as a percentage of commissions paid. However, brands can also choose to set a commission rate of 0% to use the platform for free.

RefToken will also create a sub-token for commissions called COM. Each COM token will be pegged at $1. Affiliates can earn tokens without exposing themselves to the volatility of cryptocurrency markets.

Limited details about the RFR token sale are available at this time. However, the token sale is expected to take place in September.

RefToken Conclusion

RefToken is a decentralized affiliate marketing platform that aims to improve transparency, efficiency, and profitability in the world of affiliate marketing. The platform revolves around the use of RFR tokens and COM tokens.

A working demo version of RefToken is currently available online through You can browse the platform’s dashboard and see how it competes with existing affiliate marketing platforms.

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