Relest is a real estate rental auction platform. Find out everything you need to know about Relest and their ICO today in our review.

What Is Relest?

Relest is a blockchain-based platform for real estate rental auctions. The Relest ICO ends on October 2, 2017.

Landlords use Relest to publish offers, while potential tenants bid to rent certain real estate. In addition to ordinary auction format, Relest also allows for regular rental offers. It’s a complete real estate rental booking platform.

The service is available through a website or mobile app. The ecosystem revolves around a cryptocurrency called REST, which you can use to make P2P payments.

How Does Relest Work?

Relest features auctions and ordinary booking platforms for real estate rentals. You can view rentals in your desired location, calculate travel time between the property and certain locations, find the ideal price for real estate in your neighborhood, view 3D photos of the space, and even share utility bills – all through a single blockchain-based platform.

All transactions are made P2P without the need for a centralized platform. Transactions involve the use of REST digital tokens.

Relest also automatically generates contracts between landlords and tenants.

Relest Features

  • Auction platform
  • 360 degree photo gallery
  • Travel time calculation
  • User dashboard (where you can split utility bills, for example)
  • P2P payments
  • Auto-generated contracts
  • Available for Android, iOS, and web browsers

The Relest Token Sale

The total supply of REST tokens has not yet been decided. However, the total number of tokens sold during the ICO will account for 70% of the total supply. 15% of the supply will be reserved for the team, 12% for a reserve fund, and 3% for bounties.

One REST token will equal 0.001 ETH. The tokens are Ethereum ERC20-compliant tokens.

The Relest token sale ends on October 2, 2017.

Who’s Behind Relest?

Relest is led by CEO and Founder Anuar Zhilkibagarov, Daulet Myrzan (Lead Developer), and Michael Tarassov (Blockchain Expert, Lead Engineer).

Relest Conclusion

Relest aims to make it easier than ever to rent real estate. The platform connects landlords with tenants through a P2P, decentralized marketplace. To learn more about the platform, visit online today at

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