Render Payment

There are new ICOs going on all the time, because of this, it is difficult to keep track of them. Concerned about this issue, we have a new ICO review here for you. Have you ever heard of a company called Render Payment? Is this start-up worthy of your interest and investments? Read our review and find that out.

What is Render Payment?

The company was created in 2017 with the goal to offer solutions aimed too high-risk business. Their goal is to offer an efficient and quick service for industries in a high-risk business like, for example, legal sales of marijuana, to get paid by their customers without depending on traditional banks.

With this goal in mind, Render Payment’s objective is to offer a chance for these high-risk companies to ditch the third-parties high fees and requirements and use a decentralized system that gives them more freedom to act.

How Render Payment works?

The premise behind Render Payment is fairly simple. It aims to be a financial blockchain system. Users will have wallets, which they can use their credits (the RPM tokens) to buy objects and services from industries using Render Payment.

The Render Payment uses Ethereum-based blockchain technology. While tests were made with Bitcoin, it was decided that Ethereum worked in a more efficient way.

The advantage of the system is to be more direct and fast, along with having fewer fees. Aside from this, clients and business can rate each other, creating a decentralized trust system, which will help them both to find the best deals.

How to invest in Render Payment?

Render Payment’s ICO has been going on for a while and it has been successful so far. You can invest in Render Payment by buying their RPM tokens. The ICO of the company is going on right now. You can buy the RPM tokens with US dollars.

The prices of the RPM tokens are:

November 3 – November 11 (.19 cents per token)

November 12 – November 20 (.22 cents per token)

November 21 – November 30 (.25 cents per token)

The Verdict

It is still early to tell if investing in Render Payment will pay out, but there’s a lot of space in the market for companies like this to grow, so I could be a solid bet. As it is the case with every ICO, there’s always some risk involved in investing, but it is clear that Render Payment is, at least, not a very risky company to invest on.

If you work in a high-risk industry, Render Payment could help with problems that arise from having to deal with banks and offer you a solution for fast and secure payments for your clients. Because of this, it might be a company to look more closely at.

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