A key reason for the constant evolution of blockchain technology is the need to access and make our content market much visible to creators and artists. While most content platforms such as YouTube often undermine the profit and control of the contributors, blockchain promises an entirely new way to earn money for users looking to generate an income from their content. Here's how

About REOS

REOS is a blockchain-based digital content platform with the goal to empower content  creators and consumers, alike. Under the decentralized structure of the blockchain, REOS hopes to help content creators to monetize their user-generated materials in a variety of methods and without the need of a third-party entity. All content creators within REOS will get to register, create and distribute their content without worry about the ownership or compensation.

REOS Token Details and ICO Sales

  • ICO schedule
  • Pre-sale- starts from 27 April 2018 till 7 June 2018 and has a 50% bonus
  • Main ICO- Starts from 8th June 2018 till 20 July 2018
  • ICO Early bird sale- 8 June 2018 till 13 June 2018

Token Information

  • Ticker- REOS
  • Platform- Ethereum (ERC20)
  • Payment options- BTC, ETH
  • Token supply- 10 billion REOS
  • Hard Cap- 75,000 ETH
  • Soft Cap- 5,000 ETH
  • Minimum investment- 0.1 ETH
  • Maximum investment- 50 ETH

How REOS Will Achieve Its Goal

  • REOSchain™- as the main blockchain for the REOS community, REOSchain™ will facilitate the content registration and correct attribution of ownership rights through a truth rating system
  • REOS tokens- the ERC-20 utility token will go into use for rewarding valuable content contributors and creators among other incentive types
  • REOS wallet- REOS users get to create wallet accounts which will allow for token transactions and other smart contract operations within REOS.
  • Content validation mechanism to curate and validate content
  • Developer community to accommodate blockchain enthusiasts looking to create decentralized applications based on user-generated content

How REOS' Monetization Works

REOS works on a Decentralized Consensus protocol on the REOSchain to provide a relatively effective yet flexible consensus structure. Within the REOS platform, content promoters get master nodes by purchasing an equivalent value for each content node. The master node goes into

  • Collecting and validating REOS content exchange trades within the network
  • Generate new blocks for upcoming content every 10 seconds
  • Aligning the blocks with a digital signature before broadcasting them

Should You Use REOS?

  • Decentralization- under the DPoS algorithm, members get to control the management of their content and data unlike using centrally-managed solutions.
  • Privacy- thanks to the use of their blockchain (REOSchain), REOS users get to experience increased confidence in the privacy and safety of their information
  • Transparency- the content validation process is open to scrutiny by any REOS member as it allows for transparent but tamper-proof recording of the content transactions and ownership rights
  • Cost-effective since REOS facilitate micropayment solutions for content consumers and creators through the e-wallets
  • Exposure to ready audiences for the content creators looking profit from their creative works

The Verdict On REOS

With the blockchain-based content solution such as REOS, both consumers and creators could stand to gain from the elimination of intermediaries and easier monetization effectively. However, the bottom line lies with the content creators within REOS to ensure good quality content to provide a well deserving and transparent content exchange platform that supports the whole media content ecosystem.

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