Reporter Community NEWS ICO

Reporter Community, found online at, is a blockchain-based authentication platform for photos and videos. Here’s our review.

What is Reporter Community?

Reporter Community is a unique blockchain-based platform that verifies ownership of photos and videos.

Basically, Reporter Community lets you take a photo or video, verify your ownership of that photo or video through their blockchain, then sell it to anyone – like a media outlet.

You know how when people upload photos and videos of a newsworthy event to Twitter, you always see reporters asking to use or borrow that content? Reporter Community aims to create a better solution, where anyone can take a photo or video, verify it through the platform, and make money by selling that photo or video to the world.

Of course, Reporter Community doesn’t just handle newsworthy content. It can handle event photography, photos of people, and more. Let’s take a closer look at how Reporter Community NEWS works.

How Does Reporter Community NEWS Work?

Overall, Reporter Community claims to be the simplest way to sell your pictures and videos to the media worldwide. Here’s the basic process you’ll use to sell your pictures and video:

Step 1

Take a photo or video

Step 2

Write a brief caption and add some tags

Step 3

Set the price

Step 4

Upload the media and start selling

Step 5

Receive a notification when your media has sold

Reporter Community will have features like cryptography-based data verification. Using the blockchain, Reporter Community can verify ownership of a particular picture or video. The content’s proof of existence is stored on the public Ethereum blockchain where anyone can verify its authenticity.

The blockchain stores data from the phone’s accelerometer, gyroscope, electronic compass, pressure sensor, GPS, time, light, and cell information.

Reporter Community’s app has already launched on iOS and Android. That app has been available for download since June 12, 2016. Now, with the ICO, the company seeks to migrate their app to the blockchain.

Who’s Behind

Reporter Community is led by Tibor Szoke (CEO), an entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in product, technology, and business development. Other key members of the team include Zoltan Szoke (COO and Founder) and Norbert Hajdu (CPO and Founder).


Reporter Community has issued a total supply of 60 million tokens. 60% of those tokens are available to the public through a three round token sale.

The remaining tokens are allocated to the Reporter Community team (10%), advisors (5%), and long-term reserves with a 24 month lock-in (25%).

  • 9 million tokens are available during the tier 1 pre-sale at a price of 0.1750 EUR per token.
  • 9 million more tokens are available during the tier 2 pre-sale at a price of 0.2125 EUR per token.
  • 18 million tokens are available during the tier 3 public sale at a price of 0.25 EUR per token.

The tier 1 pre-sale began on October 22, 2017. As of January 12, 2018, that pre-sale is still underway. The tier 2 pre-sale is scheduled to open after tier 1 has closed, while the latest date for the tier 3 public sale is January 31, 2018 at 15:00 UTC, lasting until February 15, 2018.

The token sale has a soft cap of 4 million EUR and a hard cap of 8 million EUR.

Reporter Community NEWS ICO Conclusion

Reporter Community launched an app in 2016 that allowed users to securely record, share, and sell news footage to media outlets. In 2017, the company made the decision to migrate their platform to the blockchain.

The token sale for NEWSTokens is underway until mid-February 2018. To learn more about the project, or to contribute to the token sale, visit online today at

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