Republic Protocol to Build Ren Exchange (RenEx) Decentralized Dark Pool

The Republic protocol has just announced that third parties will now have the ability to develop their own dark pool right on top of the system base layer that has been provided by its platform. It will be operating just like an open source enterprise solution; as a result, it will allow the various organizations to offer their users the dark pool platform. It could be used for the trust-less cross chain trading that takes place with either ERC20 tokens, Bitcoin pairs, and Ethereum.

It is great news for various platforms. As the cryptocurrency businesses that are around, this is also including the major exchanges, have the option of getting the dark pool integrated to the existing services that they are offering.

Dark Pool Fully Supported By The Republic Protocol

The very first decentralized dark pool that has been fully supported by the Republic protocol platform will actually be its very own Ren Exchange, which you could refer to as (RenEx). It is actually set to go live in the third quarter of 2018, something we should all look forward to. The long-term visions for this particular project is having a more open and also inclusive protocol that will allow easy creation of more completive dark pools.

More dark pools that have been created to cater for the need of the several traders that we find in the market. As a result, more businesses will be in a position to deploy the needed dark pools which will be powered by Republic Protocol. Systems that will be able to serve the broad spectrum of the different trader preferences that would either be based on regulation, fees, governance and many more factors.

Another feature that will enable the development of multiple dark pools is the ease in the diversification of the counterparty risks; it is for both the Republic Protocol and the Darknode operators. When we look at Darknodes, having the multiple pools will mean the rewards that they are receiving in serving as the essential order matching engine that is used for the network will not be pegged on just a single dark pool.

Having the maximum of about 10,000 Darknodes that are allowed to operate will help in powering the various dark pools that have been built on the platform. It is the next move that is taking the internet by storm, and as a business, it is something to look into keenly.

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