Request Network REQ

What Is Request Network REQ?

The new network is the Request Network and said to be the future of commerce and operated solely on a decentralized network that works exceptionally well for the purpose of payment requests. The network is a new network that is built on top of Ethereum blockchain. The network is ideal for anyone in the world, regardless of where they live, to be able to send or requested request payment.

How Does Request Network Work?

Requests processes can be handled and taken care of in an ultra-safe and secure way. The request is saved on a ledger that is verified authentic and completely immutable to be used a source of honest accounting procedures and processes for auditing.

The Request network is also ideal for easily integrating into any trade law systems and works across several different forms of legislation. The platform is also designed to work with every currency that you can possibly think of, making it a truly global currency.

Also, the design of request is ultra-flexible, and will supposedly last for hundreds of years. The IoT whilst being absolutely compatible with any of the systems that will be used in the future of the industry.

The online payments that can be processed and accepted on the platform can be used in several ways. You can pay with Request, which is an online payment option for offering different ways to pay other than PayPal or Credit Cards. It’s completely secure and doesn’t require banking information. The experience for the process is seamless, only taking one click to complete. And unlike many other third-party payment systems, there are no commissions taken.

Another of the important features of the platform is having the ability to create and share your invoices that are completely immutable. You’ll be able to request invoices in real time. The invoice manager can help with payment condition specialization as well, like taxes and down payments.

Audit & Accounting is something request will be a specialized source of data. The accounting is done in real time and you can switch between provides without any type of data migration. The audit system works like a charm because of the algorithm used to operate the system.

You can build other applications upon the Request platform. And resources include The Request tech mindmap, it will help you determine how to build apps on top of the Request platform. And you can look through the mindmap to see how much it will cost you.

The Request Hub join the Slack community of Request founders to start sharing your project. And with the Request Fund, you can get involved with a dedicated funding of $30million for Request different projects that will support your own.

What Is The ICO On Request Network (REQ Coin)?

There are massive plans set in motion for the future of Request Network. During the first quarter of 2018, Requests will start to work with Ethereum on Main Net. And they will start releasing the management factor of the different cryptocurrencies in order to request EC20 tokens.

This is the point at which the company will start to work on different partnerships in accounting, payments and auditing. They will also be launching a new button to be used as an alternate method of making payments, other than PayPal. At this point, there will be outside audits performed and the Proof of Concept contracts will start to work with the Bitcoin Oracle.

Who Is Behind Request Network REQ?

The team is made up of some of the best leaders in the industry. Each of the team members are definite experts in the blockchain sector as well as financial realm. And they are now working together to reshape how commerce is done online. All of the team has verified LinkedIn profiles for the purpose of research.

Request Network (REQ) In Conclusion

The network is looking to reshape commerce and change the level of efficiency that online systems operate on. Effectively improving the blockchains functionality through the use of new contract types will be one of the key components to the success of the Request network. This is a great system with an excellent team, if you want to learn more about the team – head to Request.Network to learn more.

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