Let’s say you wanted to shift your traditional mortar retail store into the online world by launching an ecommerce store. You would need to do numerous process that are different from your offline retail store, including buying software solutions for advertising, creating web content, customer support, payment system, product logistics, analytics and many others. All these technical requirements are critical to the success of your ecommerce business, but it is also costly and takes longer to implement, which affects your bottom line. Retail.Global offers a more effective business solution by uniting all these solutions in a single blockchain platform to bring your business to the global markets.

How Does Retail.Global Work?

Retail.Global has created comprehensive solutions for the global ecommerce market. These solutions are separated into six modules, an online store, omnichannel business, supply chain management, loyalty rewards and analytics. The ecosystem will be available for all kinds of business users, from business owners to suppliers and service provides to startups among others. To access the Retail.Global platform, a company will simply request access to the site and then sign a management firm from the Service Marketplace before proceeding to make the necessary store integration and starting to make sales both locally and abroad.

Increasing Revenue For Businesses

With its range of useful omni-channel business tools, Retail.Global will make all shopping activities personalized and more convenient. For customers, this means easier and cheaper access to quality goods, improved communication, better price comparison and overall, better service. For merchants, the system will allow them to efficiently use their retail stock with smart contracts. Additionally, with its multilingual feature, Retail.Global will support all businesses regardless of location, to ensure that they have access to as many markets as possible.

Improving Customer Relationships

The R.G token is the authorized payment method that will be used in the platform to pay for the service providers and any other payments for commissions or advertisements. It will also be customizable by shops on the platform seeking to create their own branded token and using it in their loyalty rewards programs. By having multiple service providers on one platform, customers will benefit from cross promotions and other great offers that will ultimately lead to better customer relationships.

Where Is Retail.Global Located?

To be able to serve its business clients efficiently and provide the best platform for launching and operating an ecommerce business, Retail.Global has a presence in all the critical markets, including Germany, Russia, China, France, South Korea, Japan, France and India.

These strategically positioned country offices help the firm in attracting and working closely with business leaders as well as verifying the quality of new members of the ecosystem before they are integrated into the platform. It also provides the opportunity to access the relevant local accounting and legal documents, with payments only being done through the RG token.

Retail.Global Conclusion

The SaaS business platform that Retail.Global is offering promises quick availability, better service resiliency with integration with related business services and an always updated ecosystem. This is a great place to launch your business and easily include proven suppliers from all over the world. Most importantly, Retail.Global allows you to operate your whole sales funnel in one place, which gives you access the best services that will deliver considerable growth in your business.

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