Are you looking for a really good investment? There are so many choices today that it can be really hard to know which ones can get you the most profitable returns on investment. Because of this, you have to be sharp when deciding how you are going to invest your cryptocurrency. The market is saturated with choices, but only some of them are really good and really worth your time.

Because of these quite common issues, you have to be well informed when you are about to make an investment and the only way that you can be completely sure that you are able to do that is by finding really good sources. Hopefully, our blog can be one of yours. Today, we are going to review a company called Retainly.

What Is Retainly?

Retainly is a marketing automation company which has already gained a great amount of success. The main services of the company are the automation of tasks like generating leads and sending emails. The companies pay a monthly price for the use of the platform.

The company has already grown a lot since it debuted and started to invest in new services. Now it is the time of the creation of RETN tokens and the Collie platform.

Right now, Retainly is creating RETN tokens to introduce an additional service to aid companies. The tokens will be used to reward customers for their loyalty. The companies using Retainly’s systems can use this new cryptocurrency to give them to their new users and incentivize them with fidelity.

How Does Retainly Work?

In its current state, Retainly charges for its services. The company offers automation of many marketing techniques like emailing and the companies pay for its services. When the Collie platform (in which the RETN tokens will be used) will be launched, Retainly will start to pay its own customers back with tokens.

These tokens will then be used for the companies to reward their buyers. How does Retainly gets any profit out of this? By charging a very small fee every time that a transaction is made utilizing its new cryptocurrency.

This way, Retainly will reward its customers for their loyalty and they will be able to do the same. When the tokens are used, the company will also benefit because of the small fee of every transaction. This makes Retainly a very interesting company to invest in and buy tokens.

The Collie platform will be online in the first quarter of 2018.

How To Invest In Retainly?

To invest in this company, you will need to buy the RETN tokens of the company. You can buy them right now, at the time of this report, during the pre-ICO or during the upcoming main ICO. If you buy the tokens right now, you can get a pre-sale bonus of 32%.

You can buy the RETN using ETH. To participate in the pre-ICO, you will need to spend at least 1 ETH. The minimum participation during the main sale will be 0.56 ETH, so be prepared to invest if you are interested in this platform, because you will need to invest some real money.

There are 1 billion tokens available for purchase. The price per token will constantly increase with time, so you better invest soon if you want to pay less for your investment.

Retainly Verdict

Is this the right company for you? Especially if you are interested in utilizing the services of this company, yes, Retainly can be a very good investment. The company is already solid, unlike many other start-ups that appear on the blockchain market. There are no red flags on the company’s site. Everything looks legit and safe for you to invest in this company.

Even if you are not 100% sure that you want to use the services of this company, there is a good chance that buying their tokens can grant you some amount of profit in the future, so this can be a solid investment if you want a good return on investment in the near future.

If you liked this company, there is no reason not to invest in it. Go for it, this might be a good investment for you.

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