Revain, found online at, is aiming to launch the world’s first unbiased review platform. Find out how it works today in our Revain review.

What Is Revain?

Revain is an unbiased review platform built on blockchain technology. The company’s crowdsale is scheduled for August 21.

Overall, Revain aims to reinvent the review industry. Obviously, it’s an industry that needs a change: fake reviews are commonplace on the internet, and a five star review on TripAdvisor, Yelp, and similar ratings websites can change the course of a business. Revain aims to change the review system to ensure legitimate reviewers are posting legitimate reviews of high-quality businesses.

How Does Revain Work?

Revain describes its platform as “a new generation feedback platform” that’s “mostly based on the blockchain technology”. The main benefit of using blockchain technology is that Revain reviews cannot be changed or deleted. And, reviewers receive a reward for creating a review (they receive tokens).

Using blockchain technology, Revain has created an ecosystem where common users are motivated by a token called RVN. There’s also a second token called “R”. The two tokens have a nonlinear conversion mechanism.

The entire ecosystem is built on the Ethereum platform. The developers describe their review platform as “a transparent system, guaranteeing immutability and incorruptibility.”

One currency (R) will be used during the Revain crowdsale, while the second currency, RVN, is used as a stable currency within the platform to ensure prices stay fixed.

To start, Revain will offer reviews of ICOs and cryptocurrency exchanges before branching into restaurant reviews and other applications.

Revain Features

Some of the core advertised features of the Revain platform include:

Artificial Intelligence:

Revain’s platform has been developed “in close collaboration with hi-tech IBM AI systems”, explains the official website. Specifically, Revain uses IBM Watson’s Tone Analyzer and Natural Language Understanding to build its review platform with the automatic filtration system.

Stable Tokens:

RVN is the stable, inner platform currency designed so it “isn’t volatile at all”.

Immutable Reviews:

Using the Ethereum blockchain, Revain ensures all data posted on the platform is immutable. Reviews cannot be changed, edited, or deleted by anyone.


Revain has a rewards system built in where users receive tokens for each review. The only requirement to receive tokens is that the review needs to get past the “filtration stage”.

Automatic Filtration:

Revain is using machine learning and neural networks to detect all types of unwarranted text, including spam, floods, abuse, etc.

Unbiased System:

Decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) features and smart contracts will defend Revain against all types of fake reviews. It’s an unbiased system that doesn’t require a central organization or management team. Users don’t need to trust the platform to perform any actions. It’s autonomous and decentralized.


Anyone can check all of the reviews or transactions. Revain also has a public Github page where you can explore their code.

Web Application:

Users will interact with Revain through a web application.

Two Tokens:

Revain will have two tokens, including an R token (a crowdfunding instrument made on the Ethereum blockchain) and the RVN token (a stable, inner currency that can be used for all operations inside the platform, helping to provide fixed service costs). 80% of all R tokens will be sold during the crowdsale.

Review Snapshot Storage (RSS):

Revain will have a feature called Review Snapshot Storage, or RSS, which provides independent storage based on Ethereum smart contracts. It allows anyone to check all the reviews written onto the Revain platform.

Who’s Behind Revain?

Revain is led by Rinat Arslanov (CEO), an entrepreneur with 10+ years in business, venture capital, and blockchain experience. Other key members of the team include Sergey Potekhin (CTO and Tech Lead), who leads the development and blockchain design of Revain. Full details about the team can be viewed online at

Practical Uses For Revain

Revain is initially designed to be catered to the cryptocurrency industry. Eventually, the platform will extend to the “real world” of restaurant reviews and other similar purposes. Practical uses for Revain include:

  • ICO Reviews: Revain can be used to ensure you’re investing in a reliable company. You can check Revain to view other users’ experiences and assess the risk of a particular ICO.
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange Reviews: You can trade, buy, and sell on platforms trusted by thousands of other people. You can save time and money and let others know your opinion about a particular cryptocurrency exchange.
  • E-Commerce Reviews: Review e-commerce websites to stay safe while shopping online.
  • Reviews on Everything: Use Revain to review restaurants, markets, shops, and more.

Revain Conclusion

Revain is a review platform built on the blockchain. The benefits of writing reviews onto a blockchain are obvious: reviews cannot be edited, deleted, or modified. Users are incentivized to leave reviews with the use of RVN tokens. Revain also has an IBM Watson-based AI system that filters content and ensures reviews pass certain quality and verification tests.

You can learn more about Revain, or participate in the company’s ICO, by visiting

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