What Is RevenYOU?

RevenYOU is a ‘finger-tip trading’ mobile application that seeks to improve how financial trading takes place and provide worldwide users with simplified access to investment opportunities by eliminating barriers and reservations that previously ensured only experts participated in investing.

The platform will provide solutions to the challenges facing the capital market and investment banking industry such as the lack of ways to benefit smaller traders, the inability to reach everyone therefore limiting its ability to create wealth and growth for everyone. The solutions provided by RevenYOU will democratize and capitalize the system through its ecosystem, which is ‘created by ALL people, for ALL people’.

How RevenYOU Blockchain AI Bot Crypto Trading App Works

The ecosystem will provide users with limited access to trading technology, trading strategies and A.I and share all generated revenue with users fairly and sustainably. Furthermore, the platform will bring together developers, traders, gamers and quants through offering financial rewards.

Trading currently does not require the investors to be highly experienced or skilled in the industry as they can simply utilize financial algorithms. Financial algorithms are very popular and it is estimated that 76% of the world’s trading activities execute the algorithms. RevenYOU will utilize the power of algorithms and ensure equality in the trading industry by making it easy for anyone to access the algorithms.

It will connect users with the best options of algorithms that they can choose from based on the user’s profile, what they want to trade in, their expected Return on Investment, their exchange type and the algorithm popularity. This feature eliminates the complexities involved in investing as it highlights the ROI that each algorithm has made over the past few days.

RevenYOU Networking Avenue

The platform also provides traders and bot builders with an avenue for networking and interacting therefore if a particular users has an idea or a concept of an algorithm but they cannot develop it due to lack of necessary resources or skill they can access bot builders who can actualize their ideas or concepts.

To access the services of RevenYOU and use the algorithms users will need to purchase the YOU tokens that power the platform. Token ownership makes the users part owners of the platform. The platform has an in-app wallet where token holders can store their tokens and receive token rewards for keeping them in the wallets. As an incentive mechanism, new users will receive starter YOU tokens free. The tokens are tradable on cryptocurrency exchanges where they are listed.

RevenYOU Benefits

User Friendly

RevenYOU features a user-friendly interface that is appealing to most users since it lacks the complex graphs and impenetrable analytics that similar platform have. The interface is also easily scalable and does not have down time.


The app has a smart user identification algorithm that incase the user loses their phone unauthorized third parties cannot access the user’s information.

Free Trials

Users can experience the app at no cost and access the ‘sandbox’ that lets them experience gains and losses without necessarily having to incur any costs. They can also have a real time overview of all investments.

RevenYOU YOU Token ICO Dtails

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token: YOU
  • Toke Protocol: ERC223
  • Supply: 6, 425,000,000
  • Exchange rate: 1 YOUtoken = 0,00002 ETH
  • Hard cap: €35,000,000
  • Soft cap: €10,000,000

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