Revolution BTC is a bitcoin investment scam that promises to pay you enormous profits with no hard work, risk, or skills required. Here’s our review.

What Is Revolution BTC?

Revolution BTC describes itself as a “revolutionary bitcoin investment.” The website is catered towards bitcoin newcomers who have heard about the massive profit opportunities in the bitcoin industry – but don’t know how to get started., like other bitcoin scams, tries to lure these users in with promises of enormous wealth for little to no work. claims to pay you interest every week. It guarantees a positive return on your investment, and claims to have paid out thousands of pounds so far. In fact, the company promises to pay you a 2500% guaranteed ROI in just 45 days.

The company launched on September 6, 2017.

How Does Revolution BTC Work?

Revolution BTC claims to pay enormous interest rates daily. Best of all, you don’t need to do any work, have any skills, or take any risk to make up to 2500% ROI. You just give the company a bunch of money, and they’ll magically turn that money into more money.

The company provides no details about their investment plan, how they make money, or how they work.

In fact, the company doesn’t seem to have any products, services, or investment funds. Instead, they seem exclusively focused on recruitments. The company offers referral commissions to members down three levels.

Ultimately, all of these things are common with bitcoin-based pyramid schemes. These companies typically take your deposit, then ask you to recommend the platform to all your friends. The company will likely disappear after it collects enough investments.

Revolution BTC Investment Plans

Revolution BTC offers 8 different investment plans, ranging from its “Good Plan” to its “Legend Plan” to its “Biggest Return Plan.”

Some of the plans offer guaranteed returns for the rest of your life. The “Good Plan”, for example claims to pay you 1.5% daily for the rest of your life, while the “Best Plan” (which requires a minimum investment of 0.5 BTC) pays you 10% daily for the rest of your life.

The Biggest Return Plan, meanwhile, promises to pay 2500% after 45 days, while others plans pay you as much as 1% per hour.

In any case, Revolution BTC is making ridiculous promises about its returns. No investment opportunity offers guaranteed returns like the ones we just mentioned. It’s impossible – especially when you’re dealing with cryptocurrencies.

Revolution BTC Affiliate Plans

As mentioned above, we have no evidence that Revolution BTC invests its money into funds, or has any type of profitable mining operation. Instead, the company seems setup exclusively to attract as many memberships as possible, then disappear.

The company pays 5% commissions on the first level, 3% commissions on the second level, and 2% commissions on the third level.

Who’s Behind Revolution BTC?

Like most bitcoin scams, RevolutionBTC refuses to disclose much information about itself online. The company makes vague claims about how their team “has a wealth of experience in the financial trading [sic]”. However, they refuse to list the names of anyone involved with the company, or any of their backgrounds.

The company lists an address in central London as its headquarters, although we could find no evidence they’re actually based there. For contact information, the company just lists an email address at [email protected] and a phone number at 442036955324., also known as Revolution BTC Ltd., appears to have a legitimate UK-based registration number. The company was registered with the company number 10825224. It was incorporated on June 19, 2017, although the company didn’t begin operation until September 2017.

Corporation registration documents show just one person involved with the project: a 39 year old British man named Cain Tillman, who’s listed as the Director of the company.

Revolution BTC Conclusion

Revolution BTC is a bitcoin investment scam that seems to be designed to attract as many investments as possible in a short period of time. The company promises ridiculously high returns upfront, then rewards customers even further for referring more people to the platform. However, we have no evidence that Revolution BTC makes any money, nor do we have any proof that they’ve paid anyone.

For all of these reasons, is one bitcoin investment scam you should definitely avoid.

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