Before we proceed any further with this review, we should learn a bit more about MLM schemes and how they work. MLM is an abbreviation for Multi Level Marketing, and can be thought of as a strategy that encourages existing distributors of a company to continuously recruit new distributors so as to receive additional benefits.

As a result of this constant hiring, older members receive a share of recruit sales, thereby making them rich. However, it should be made clear that such schemes are bound to implode, and after a certain period of time, they collapse onto themselves (as it becomes financially unviable to keep going forward with such a venture).

What Is RewardTable?

RewardTable like many other scams is an “investment program” that promises to deliver individuals with handsome returns, within a short period of time (in this case just a matter of days). However, how these amazing returns will be delivered, is not made clear and we are simply told that the platform makes uses of “advanced coding” that allows the system to reap amazing ROI’s.

In addition to all this, RewardTable uses a path of anonymity, and does not disclose the names of any of its core team members. This is quite suspicious, as all good startup projects usually reveal the identity of key personnel, so as to instill a sense of confidence among customers.

Other Details To Consider

Recently Registered:

According to a quick ‘’ search, we found that this domain name was registered only recently (22nd November). The identity of the person who bought this space is hidden, thereby implying that this might be a quick cash grab scheme.

No Direct Products Available:

Another suspicious aspect about RewardTable is that it features no retailable products or services. Even affiliates simply offer users with a RewardTable membership.

Ponzi Structure:

As mentioned earlier, the RewardTable program makes use of a three-tier 2×3 matrix cycler. This basically means that for each individual unit, there are two positions that are located directly under it.

How Does RewardTable Claim To Work?

This system uses a three level matrix system that pays out commissions in a hierarchical manner. A commission is paid out when all fourteen positions in the matrix are filled. This entire period is called a “cycle”, and as time goes on, it becomes harder and harder to complete a full cycle.

The amount of commission that is delivered is determined via the use of a tier system. The following example will elucidate this point with more clarity:

  • Purchase a 0.001 BTC position and receive a 0.007 BTC cycler commission
  • Purchase a 0.01 BTC position and receive a 0.07 BTC cycler commission

In addition to all of this, Reward Table also claims to dole out a referral commission of 10% paid on matrix cycler positions.

RewardTable Conclusion

This project reeks of suspicion from top to bottom. Not only does it claim to be the first “MLM based crypto scheme on the internet”, but it also offers users with highly unrealistic dreams that are simply not achievable.

While a few early customers who get in just below the admin, might make a buck or two. If users are looking for real investment opportunities, it is best to stay clear of this venture.

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