Rick Falkvinge Brings Clarity To Bitcoin Debate With ‘Rick Reacts’

Rick Falkvinge Brings Clarity To Bitcoin Debate With ‘Rick Reacts’

The debate between proponents of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and the supporters of Bitcoin Core (BTC) rages on as gaps within the cryptocurrency community continue to widen. There has been mounting hostility and confusion as unnecessary uncertainty for new crypto enthusiasts leads to aggressive mudslinging especially from the supporters of Bitcoin Core.

But as more clarity is sought on this debate, one Rick Falkvinge, an IT entrepreneur turned politician seeks to bring objectivity and simplicity to it using a series of videos on his YouTube Channel- We Are All Satoshi.

Falkvinge is famed for founding The Pirate Party in Sweden whose strong focus on civil liberties was applauded as was its highly sophisticated approach to copyright and file sharing in the digital age.

In his series, Rick Reacts, Rick Falkvinge faces the issues head-on, seeking to offer clear and concise information and explanations about the root causes of the disagreements between the proponents of Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Core. His party leadership saw it contest their first elections held in 2006 with the ability to secure representation in the European Parliament in 2009. This political upheaval saw him made international news headlines.

His latest video discusses the importance of having a plan for an indefinite block size, one which he describes as mathematically sound. With the aim of refracting the common doubt arising from reducing technological limitations to an indefinite block size, Falkvinge explains in the video

“how the resources needed to sustain an indefinite block size increase for bitcoin…is not only possible but also well aligned with the last 120 years of computing history.”

Based on this, he advocates for the Bitcoin cash (BCH) model which as opposed to the Bitcoin Core (BTC) side of the argument is already pursuing this route.

According to the BTC narrative, everyone should run their own node with some BTC folk advocating for bitcoin nodes. Falkvinge challenges this standpoint in another video, arguing that instead of requiring non-mining nodes it is, in fact, the nodes that provide decentralization. This is based on the letter and intent on Satoshi’s original whitepaper.

The Rick Reacts Channel seeks to offer regular sound reflections on the raging debates between supporters of BCH/BTC, clearing up the mudslinging and ill-informed attacks from the Bitcoin Core proponents aimed at the Bitcoin Cash community.

Hopefully, the efforts of Falkvinge will help clear up the true vision of Bitcoin and some common misconceptions about BCH now that it is gaining popularity as a transactional coin.

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