Ricona RCA ICO Review

The development of Cryptocurrencies and their increase in value has led to massive growth in the crypto market. Cryptocurrencies are built on top of blockchain technology – a public distributed ledger that efficiently records transactions between two parties in a provable secure way.

As such, blockchain enables the creation of inerasable blocks of transactions which can be verified by all connected nodes without the need of a regulatory authority as in the current banking systems. The technology has since expanded and is being used in many different applications including the investment industry.

Ricona is one of the platforms that is offering financial services based on blockchain for investors and crypto enthusiasts.

How Does Ricona RCA Work?

Ricona specializes in providing secure, decentralized, and discreet cryptocurrency investments and exchanges for users. Supported Cryptocurrencies includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, BitcoinCash, and Ricona coin. The company is much different from other crypto exchange organizations through its lending and staking plans. Investors can invest in Ricona through Staking – an assured return plan as well as a Lending which is a flexible interest plan.

According to Ricona, investors can earn an equivalent of their initial investments as soon as two months or less using any of the two plans. Additionally, investors can obtain Ricona coins and use them to purchase or exchange with other Cryptocurrencies.

The lending program thus allows members to trade in multiple digital currencies which the firm refers to as Multi Cryptocurrency Switching. It is the first of its kind allowing users to trace their daily investments growth and swap their primary lending currencies, depending on the cryptocurrency weekly performance.

For instance, if a member has invested in Bitcoin and its offering a rate of 5 percent, but notices that another currency, such as Ethereum is offering a high rate in returns, they can decide to switch their primary lending currency to Ethereum.

The lending plan also offers a ‘Lending Maturity Period' which is as low as 30 days. No other lending platform provides investors such an offer as many have 90 days lending platforms which is risky as a lot can happen in 3 months. As a result, Ricona allows their investors to withdraw their investments and earned interest in a just a month.

Should I Invest in Ricona RCA?

Yes. You will be required to create an account on their official website in a quick and easy process. After that, you can make an initial investment in a digital currency of your choice. You can as well buy Ricona Coin (RCA). You can use RCA to buy products, services or transfer funds online in a quick way.

Ricona assures members of a secure platform that provides access to a secure wallet that has high-tech security as it uses private keys to warrant that only authorized members can gain access, perform transactions or make transfers to other digital wallets in a peer to peer network. Security is also emphasized when one is creating a new account through 2FA authentication mechanism.

Recently, Ricona announced plans to launch an ICO which has gotten members excited. The ICO is scheduled to be implemented next month, March 2018. The team plans to offer 55 percent ROI in two plans – a fixed and floating interest.

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