Ride The Litecoin

Today we will review “Ride The Litecoin”. This is a new investment company whose objective is to use Litecoin to get profit in the cryptocurrency market by using investments made by its clients and then share the profits with them later.

The company believes that Litecoin is one of the world’s most important and profitable cryptocurrencies and that there is space for obtaining a big profit if you decide to invest in this specific digital currency instead of more popular ones like Bitcoin, as it is able to make faster transactions.

What Is Ride the Litecoin and How Does It Work?

The company describes itself as a decentralized crowdfunding platform that you can use to “reach your dreams”. It works like this: you have to create your account, pay a small amount of money and then you will be able to use the platform. As soon as you start, you can invite friends to join and they will deposit money, too. As more people join, you will start to receive profits.

The more members you find, the more levels you will have in the company and this will enable you to receive more Litecoin over time. If you recruit 3 members, you will reach level 1, if you recruit 9, level 2, 27 for level 3 and it will keep going like this until level 5.

The company states that you can use its “crowdfunding platform” to earn money for charity, your business or whatever you want. But does this company really works as it states?

Does Ride the Litecoin Works as it Says it Does?

No. Ride the Litecoin is clearly a Ponzi Scheme because the money invested in Ride the Litecoin is not really used for real profitable investments but to pay the people “on top” of the pyramid. If you invest first, you will receive more money, while if you do it too late, you will not.

All the talk about Litecoin and about being a crowdfunding platform is clearly misleading so people will not perceive that they are, in fact, investing in a scam. You can surely make some money using the Ride the Litecoin platform, but it will be at the expense of other people who will invest after you in this company.

The Ride the Litecoin Verdict

Obviously, you should avoid using Ride the Litecoin and look for another investment. In no context this company is a good investment for you and you really should not trust a company that clearly intends to misguide you and make you mislead other people in order to achieve some profit.

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