RightMesh is a multilayered mesh networking platform that, can be deployed and integrated easily by developers into applications.

Combined with a patent-pending switching technology, the company says the platform can provide higher levels of connectivity. RightMesh uses blockchain technology to create and maintain ad-hoc network meshes. As it is based on blockchain technology, the company plans to introduce MESH, a RightMesh token, to provide e-commerce capabilities to the network.

What is RightMesh?

RightMesh, located in Canada, is incubated by its parent company, Left, a Certified B Corporation – a for-profit company that has been certified by B Lab, a nonprofit organization that provides high social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability standards. RightMesh itself was co-founded by Chris Jensen and John Lyotier in 2015, both of whom co-founded Left in 2010.

Left has been the recipient of several awards in addition to its coveted B Corp certification. It was voted the Best Workplace by the Small Business in British Columbia Awards in 2016, and was also the winner of the TIA Awards, held by the British Columbia Technology Industry Association, in 2015 and 2016.

The RightMesh network uses Bluetooth, WiFi, and WiFi Direct to create self-forming, self-monitoring and self-healing networks, enabling network communications between all connected devices. The technology therefore creates a network “mesh” that can be joined effortlessly, growing the network with every new user node.

RightMesh can be used for high-speed communications of not just raw data but media-rich content as well, even by traveling through multiple nodes, thanks to the company’s patent pending switching technology that can turn any RightMesh node from a client to a hotspot and back again, improving content sharing and eliminating dropped connections.

Additionally, RightMesh has plans to introduce the MESH token to provide an e-commerce solution for users of the network. MESH, as envisioned in the RightMesh whitepaper, is for buying and selling digital goods and services across the network. The token will use the EC20 Ethereum standard.

RightMesh ICO

Right now there is no timetable for an ICO or token sale for the MESH token. That being said, developers who wish to become involved in RightMesh can contact the company for a software development kit. Filling out a web form registers a developer for the beta SDK.

Final Thoughts About RightMesh

From a technical standpoint, RightMesh is an innovative solution to connectivity that could very well revolutionize the way we think of data transfer. Instead of having to rely on centralized access points to networking, a decentralized mesh of constantly switching clients and hotspots could create large-scale networks independent of centralized access, especially in geographical settings that contain a large number of mobile devices.

Additionally, much needs to be said about RightMesh’s parent company, Left, as its status as a Certified B Corp indicates a strong dedication to the high social and environmental goals of B Lab. This makes us feel very confident in encouraging individuals interested in an eventual MESH token ICO to keep a close watch on RightMesh.

Of course, the only bad thing about RightMesh at the moment that there’s absolutely no way of knowing when an ICO will be in the offing. This makes the company a surefire bet for crypto enthusiasts or investors interested in longer-term developments, but more impatient individuals may feel the need to look elsewhere for opportunities.

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