RIK Coin is a bio-venture company from RIKEN, Japan, which is a major global think tank. The project wants to create a cancer treatment model dubbed the RIKNKT, which will be minimally invasive and with almost no side effects. This method will utilize cells that have an intense anti-tumor effect, which has been researched by RIKEN and other medical institutions. Since June 2008, they have begun to offer the treatment at private medical centers in Japan.

Blockchain Powered Cancer Treatment Method Success

Because of this method of treatment, about 80% of patients were able to get partial remission, complete remission, and the stoppage of progress despite the site or stage. This verifies that this method has a high response rate.

Based on these results, the team behind the project intends to scale this project up. They expect that as many patients as possible will be able to receive treatment as the number of cancer patients continues to grow. Besides that, the developers will continue with the development of their technology. They also intend to continue with drug research and get drug approvals.


RIKNKT is a new type of cancer treatment that will be minimally invasive with few side effects. To achieve its goal, this type of treatment will utilize the immune cell called the NKT cell. This cell has an extreme anti-tumor effect. Cancer is a serious illness that damages all surrounding cells and organs. It leads to loss of life and disruption of families.

The RIKNKT Blockchain Platform

Once they acquire funds from the ICO, they will begin the development of the RIKNKT blockchain platform. The platform will be developed by offering data on the RIKNKT treatment method. This platform will be useful in the dissemination of technical know-how on fighting cancer.

The platform will be a network that connects people to services globally. It will combine cancer treatment with other technology to create a comprehensive medical package that can be accessed globally.

Patients will be able to find medical centers that offer the RIKNKT treatment. They will also offer data on other institutions that offer technology such as anti-aging technology.

RIKNKT RIK Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Ticker: RIK
  • Financing Targeted: ¥2,000,000,000JPY
  • Tokens for sale: 20,000,000 RIK
  • Total Tokens: 40,000,000 RIK
  • Accepted Payment Method: Bitcoin, Ethereum
  • Phase 1: Bonus 30% – April 23 – May 18
  • Phase 2: Bonus 15% – May 18 – June 15
  • Phase 3: Bonus 5% – June 15 – July 13
  • Phase 4: No Bonus – July 13 – August 10

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