RIPP Token ICO Review

Today our blog will review Ripp Token, a new cryptocurrency which has been created to be used in the sports betting market. Read our review about this company.

What Is RIPP Token?

Ripp Token is a new cryptocurrency created with the clear goal of becoming one of the largest and more important tokens to be used in poker and sports betting. Ripp Token works with the Ripp platform and intends to become one the most transparent companies based on the blockchain technology in this area.

The company will offer a decentralized solution to the trust problems which are inherent to this industry. By using blockchain technology, the company is planning to create games which will be more transparent and fair because the players will be able to see the results of their games on blockchain and the random generation of numbers.

Also, the platform will offer complete anonymity to the users. This will be good for people who want to bet or gamble online and are concerned that their information might be stored on the blockchain. This will not happen because their names will not be posted in the transactions made by the company and stored publicly on the blockchain.

Because of the decentralized way in which the company works, the players will not need to deposit their money in the company. They can just keep it safe on their own wallets and the tokens will be transferred only when they are needed, so there is no need for deposits and withdrawals.

Finally, the company has created its own cryptocurrency to enable the users to earn tokens by mining or staking and they will also be able to use them to play, so they will not necessarily need to use Bitcoin or Ethereum to play in the company’s platforms.

The main people operating Ripp Token are Deroy Peraza (creative director). Julia Zeltser (creative director), Sruthi Sadhujan (director of strategy) and Laura Jo Hess (managing director). They have plenty of experience in the fields of technology and gambling and intend to transform Ripp Token into a great gambling platform for any kind of user.

How Does Ripp Token Work?

Ripp Token will have three different platforms. An exchange platform which will be launched in July 2018 and it will be interesting for the users because it will have a low market fee so they will be able to make their transaction without having to pay large fees and give a lot of money to the company.

The company will also have a lending platform in which the users can get up to 51% of profit monthly only by lending tokens. The users will be able to choose one from a set of five different packages. Finally, there is the main platform: the online casino. In this casino, all the players will be anonymous and the payments will be instantaneous.

Users can also mine and stake tokens for profit, which can definitely be a good idea if you want to earn Ripp Tokens without any kind of risk associated with this action. You can also earn free Ripp Tokens by registering in the Ripp Token gambling platform. You will earn 10 Ripp Tokens if you register.

The company offers 24/7 support, numerous games and you will also be able to use the Ripp Wallet to store your tokens safely and the debit card of the company to be able to use your tokens anywhere in the world whenever you want to.

How To Invest In Ripp Token?

If you are interested in investing in Ripp Tokens, you will have your chance to do so during the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) that the company is planning. The pre-sale is already happening, so you should invest as soon as you can if you want to get the best price for the tokens. The main sale will start in March.

The price of the Ripp Tokens will vary depending on how much tokens have already been sold. There will be five rounds and the price will begin being $1 USD per token and it will increase until it reaches $5 per token during the final round.

There will be a total of 90 million Ripp Tokens sold during the sale, which is 90% of the tokens created by the company. The rest of the tokens will be the company shares of the company. You will also be able to get money from referrals, which can vary from 25% to 10% depending on the level of your referral.

The RIPP Token ICO Verdict

Is Ripp Token a good investment for you? That depends. If you are looking for a good platform to invest your money and obtain a huge return on investment, maybe not, because we are 100% sure that this platform will necessarily be a great success. On the other hand, we are also not sure that it will not be, so we are not telling that it is a bad idea to invest in Ripp Tokens.

If you actually want to use the platform, then you have a brighter future ahead of you. This happens because this looks like an OK platform for you to use for gambling and sports betting (or even lending and staking, if that is what you want).

In the end, it is up to you to decide whether you want to invest in this company or you think that you can find an investment more suitable for you than Ripp Token can be.

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