Ripple Ledger Added to LandStar's Data443 to Use with Unique Node List (UNL)

Ripple’s main focus has been on the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency in any way they can. As such, they have many extensions of services that their blockchain technology and platform offers. In a new development announced by Globe Newswire, LandStar’s subsidiary, Data443, has officially finished an upgrade that allows their platform to use “the validator framework for the Ripple XRP Ledger.” This ledger is meant to be integrated to the Unique Node List (UNL).

CEO of LandStar, Inc., Jason Remillard, said,

“As Ripple continues to grow in many ways, we wanted to ensure continued stability and performance for the validator framework. Working with both Ripple and the larger Validator community, we completed the hardware upgrade and location move to a new data center earlier this month. Today Ripple development released a new version of the software and our instance automatically and completely self-upgraded cleanly. A real attestation to the increasing quality of the platform.”

Presently, the UNL will be in good company with 18 other organizations that have decided to use the Ripple Ledger. Based on the press release from Globe Newswire, Ripple will examine the blockchain on UNL for trustworthy nodes before validating them. The release nots that Data443’s decision to take on this collaboration is a way to support their dedication to “provide enterprise-ready data security solutions for the growing blockchain market.”

Considering Data443’s status as a “trusted validator” for the XRP Ledger, the data security and privacy company will offer separate value to Ripple in the form of “data classification, discovery, and compliance for blockchain.” The press release adds, “Product development continues in this space to ensure that enterprise-grade security and privacy compliance solutions are available for this rapidly growing data repository that will have large ramifications for security and privacy for years to come.”

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