Ripple is the third biggest cryptocurrency with respect to market share and it had been in news recently for its investment returns, however, this news is not for the monetary benefits that it had bought to its investors., the public school crowdfunding platform, that lets teachers ask for contributions to fund important classroom needs.

They had a total of 35,647 unfulfilled campaigns which was all fulfilled by a donation of $29 million USD. The contribution was made in XRP of equivalent value. This funding will reach over 28,200 teachers at about 16,500 schools. This marked the biggest day in DonorsChoose’s 18 year old history.

This story is not only throws a positive light on Ripple but also it shows the critics of cryptocurrencies, who think that it is a shady business that is used to do illegal things, that even cryptos can be used for social good.

Ripple is not just playing a short term game of getting positive coverage to boost trust in its value, but a very long time strategy might be unfolding. These kids, who will be the future of tomorrow, will always remember when an obscure company helped them achieve their dreams. The 28,200 teachers will always be telling stories about Ripple to the hundreds and thousands of students they teach.

The two companies kicked off the announcement by taking on twitter. #BestSchoolDay has been trending on Twitter where students and teachers are sharing their heartwarming stories about this event. So, when you hear negative stories about all the negative news of cryptocurrency in the news media, remember that it is not all bad in CryptoSphere. Some people that are running cryptocurrencies are doing well for the society too. Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse wants other cryptocurrency companies and crypto tycoons to follow his lead.

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