RippleCode Review

RippleCode is an ad flipping platform that claims people can turn into millionaires within 3 three months. The platform that’s also known as Ripple Millionaire Club tells users that they can quickly make $7,000 every single day. This return is achieved by trading Ripple using software that generates daily returns.

How to Join RippleCode

According to the instruction YouTube video on the website, one starts by registering an account on the system. One needs to fill out a registration form which when accepted gives one access to the Ripple Millionaire Club. To begin trading, an investor has to fund what the site refers to as an ad flipping account.

Putting money into the flipping account gives the investor an opportunity for the trading software to generate profits. It’s unclear how to transfer money from one’s bank account into the flipping account. There’s also no precise information about who owns the flipping account.

To activate the account, one needs to fund it with a minimum of $250 and no limit. This amount is said to go directly into one’s profits.

Why Use RippleCode?

The site claims that it guarantees investors a daily return of $7000. How does one make this money? Well according to James White who is said to be the platform’s founder, all one needs to do is fund their flipping account and watch money roll in. The platform’s trading software is said to invest in ripple and claims that the cryptocurrency is among the best in 2017/2018.

The club promises that one can withdraw their money plus profits at any given time. However, removing the money has to be done through an advertising site provided by the system. Any withdrawals done through another site will not be processed. This disclaimer is a bit mysterious and requires the investor to exercise caution before making a deposit.

RippleCode Conclusion

RippleCode makes big promises to investors and even has testimonials on its page about how many have made quick money in 3 months. The site is hosted on an ad flipping domain and not on an official website. The team that has put the platform together is also unknown. So far, the site claims to have generated over seven million dollars in profits.

It’s important for investors to carry out their due diligence before transferring money from their bank accounts into the flipping account provided. The website needs to give further details on exactly how trading is done to generate such huge profits.

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