Ripple's Convergence Solution: XRP's Real Savoir Or Just A Hopeful Dream?

Jim Chauncey-Kelly, the Director of Talent Acquisition for Ripple, recently had an interview at Interview Now on August 9th. During the discussion, he talked about the concept of Convergence, which many XRP community members are wondering if it will actually come to be.

In the interview, he said,

“Earlier in the year, a big part of what my team was focused on was hiring a lot of engineering. This was probably our biggest push because we are building a software called Convergence that syncs together all of our 3 major products into one seamless format. For example, if American Express (one of our clients) wants to send $500 to a bank in Thailand, there is an immediate quote of what that exchange is, and the money goes through. This is something that brings together all of our products to further enhance RippleNet which is very exciting.”

If Convergence becomes a real concept within Ripple, it is supposed to be a full integration that includes all of the software products, including xVia, xCurrent, and xRapid. In fact, the entire community has been talking about it, but the article published about it cannot be found anywhere now. The only mention remaining comes from one Twitter user that replied to a Ripple tweet. The user requests additional information about the topic, saying that it was mentioned, but no other details are available.

Everything surrounding Convergence is hypothetical right now, and Chauncey-Kelly himself tweeted on the topic, saying,

“Hi All – for clarity — we have 3 products – xCurrent (in production) and 2 more on the way – xVia & xRapid. They will be on a ‘convergence’ release soon. There is not a software actually called ‘convergence’.

Even though this tweet clarifies the previous interview statement, he has deleted this tweet as well, which is even more confusing.

Basically, it seems like the company is working to establish a connection between xCurrent and xRapid, though it is not clear that there will be a single and seamless options available. The whole community may have the right idea that this “Convergence” solution will happen, but Ripple’s ability to adapt to many different solutions is part of its appeal.

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