Ripple Plummets in XRP for Q2 with a 54 Drop in Sales

The second quarter for Ripple was the best in history, but nothing to get excited about if we’re talking shear volume. There were $73.53 million XRP sold in total with the end of Q2. It’s not an impressive number with 2.7 billion of the 3 billion returning to escrow.

It’s a significantly low number when compared to Q1 of 2018, but still considered the best second quarter in the history of the company by the CEO of Ripple.

Ripple’s second currency the XRP II on the other hand has climbed up a successful $300,000 in sales in the second quarter from Q1. The company sold roughly $16.87 billion in XRP II during Q2 this year, 2018.

XRP on the other hand has officially dropped with only 13% of the entire pool of Ripple’s digital currency being available for trade right now.

One benefits of the XRP, is the adoption of the currency by several new entrants, one of them being Stefan Thomas. Other entrepreneurs include Stefan Thomas, leader of Coil, a new venture to help organize media buying. Even though there is a lot of drop in prices with the XRP, it’s something that was seen across the board for most cryptocurrencies. Another breakthrough for XRP as well as the industry, was the announcement by several large players to incorporate cryptocurrencies like Ripple into their organization.

While the announcements are positive, they are still only announcement and now actual cryptocurrency process has been put into place to use it by companies like Goldman Sachs for example. You can see a full report of Ripple’s quarterly report at:

To finish off, Ripple’s plummet in sales comes of no shock to investors, cryptocurrency is volatile in nature and drops like this are expected. More likely than not, the company will turn around and see a rise in capital in the remaining months of the year, 2018.

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