With blockchain technology being integrated into multiple areas, it was only a matter of time till it reached the medical marijuana industry. Riptide is a medical marijuana token that was created out of the need for efficient banking methods for patients and business owners in this field. Discover more about Riptide in the following review.

What Is Riptide?

Riptide is currently in the initial alpha phase while the RiptideCoin or RIPT being the currency token designed to be used in the medical marijuana sector. Even though medical marijuana is legal, there is still insufficient funding for business owners, let alone access to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). With this new cryptocurrency, patients and businesses will no longer have to solely depend on FIAT currencies to purchase or sell medical marijuana.

One of the main objectives of RiptideCoin is to simplify and smoothen the rapid implementation of digital payments for services related to medical marijuana, including delivery and dispensary checkout services. To achieve this goal, the Riptide team intends to leverage the robust Ethereum blockchain and provide a secure platform that is going to support all these transactions. The RIPT token, an ERC-20 token, will be the main token of exchange for members on this platform.

Riptide Medical Marijuana Cryptocurrency Benefits

Besides helping to support the infrastructure of legal medical marijuana, using RIPT tokens also offers the following key benefits

Instant Settlement –

Pay for your medical marijuana easily with RIPT tokens and get the benefit of instant transactions without any delays. The transactions will be completed in less than three seconds, which is faster as compared to a regular cash transaction.

No Risk Of Identity Theft –

Unlike credit cards, which can be easily compromised and lots of cash stolen, Riptide is hosted on an impenetrable blockchain ecosystem that eliminates risks of fraud or identity theft.

Can Be Accessed By Everyone –

Since all you need to access Riptide tokens is the internet, there is minimal barrier to entry, which means that more people can easily access these tokens and use them to conduct their legal marijuana businesses.

Reduced Costs –

You should also expect to pay less for medical marijuana with RIPT tokens as compared to paying using credit cards.

Is Riptide It Worth It?

With over one billion dollars being exchanged in cash transactions in the medical marijuana industry, this sector is ripe for some innovation. RiptideCoin is seeking to bring the much-needed safety and innovation to the problem of over reliance on cash only transactions. This will mean easier and faster transactions for patients looking for medical marijuana. For business owners, RIPT tokens will enable them access the crucial credit infrastructure they require to continue growing their businesses.

Riptide RIPT Token ICO Details

RIPT Token Details

  • Total Supply – 95,000,000 RIPT
  • Token Price – $0.10 = 1 RIPT
  • Technology – Ethereum

RIPT Distribution Framework

  • Public Sale –  35% (6,605,668)
  • Medical Marijuana Dispensaries –  20% (3,774,668)
  • Founding Team – 15% (2,831,001)
  • Development Team Contributors –  15% (2,831,001)
  • Strategic Business Partners – 10% (1,887,334)
  • Bounty – 5% (943,667)

Riptide Conclusion

RiptideCoin is currently being backed by an active, passionate community as well as one of the largest medical marijuana dispensaries in Northern California. Even though it is still in the initial stages, RiptideCoin is expected to be introduced across all the legal marijuana dispensaries. This new cryptocurrency promises security, and convenience for both clients and businesses.

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