What Is Rise Housing?

Rise Housing is a platform focused around Real Estate and for people looking to buy a house or property without the need of mortgage. There is no credit score needed either when using the platform. Many are claiming this is the largest development in cryptocurrency and real estate that has been seen yet. The token on the platform is called the RSE and you can buy them in apartment buildings all over the world. To learn more, head to the company website at RiseHousing.io.

How Does Rise Housing Work?

The company is designed to be how real estate should be, you’ll never have to pay interest again because the properties on Rise have no debts attached to them. With the Rise Marketplace, you will never have to rely on only one neighborhood growing in value or appreciation. The reason is, you can use the platform to invest small amounts into multiple properties, instead of putting everything into just one location or piece of property.

The security on the platform is also said to be astounding. Your account on the Rise platform is linked directly to you. And they will provide you with 2FA, so you can easily keep your investments and equities safe all the time.

If you’re interested in learning a lot more in detail, the company whitepaper available on the website has explanations for everything associated with the company’s real estate universe. It covers Rise Housing, the related ecosystem, the token, vision and future of the company.

Owners of homes can gain assistance from the team at Rise to increase liquidity, thereby giving them more chances to earn profits on their properties. As said before, the company’s premise is they are what real estate should be. You can also use the Rise Token (RSE) to buy and sell real estate all over the globe.

What Is The Rise Housing RSE Token ICO?

The Pre-ICO is in development and coming soon. The website has a timer on it and it has about 4 days left until the Pre-CIO sale starts. You can buy the tokens with ETH on the company website and right now there is a 60% bonus, where you can receive 120 RSE tokens for every $1 USD spent, and invested with all the way through April 5th.

There are also several different social media links for the company and ICO to sites like Facebook and Twitter as well.

The roadmap for the company is focused on two phases as of now, the first of which is to use Ethereum to create smart contracts for real estate transactions that are fraud proof. This will allow for the RSE cryptocurrency token to be potentially be used for equity.

Phase two of the roadmap tokenizes the assets on the platform, thereby making the entire marketplace harmonious for the global investment. It also causes transfers of equity completed on the blockchain to be simple and smooth. Rise give owners the ability to unlock the true value of their assets through the creation of selling their asset tokens via the blockchain.

Who Is Behind Rise Housing?

The platform is backed by several different affiliates as well: KickICO, REX, Hoosh, VerbHOUSE, National Associations of Realtors, Collision, and more are all associates of Rise. The company uses a complete ecosystem where tenants who want an honest chance to buy real estate with no crippling debt are ideal candidates for the system. And owners who have a desire for cheaper, faster, and easier liquidation of their property are also good fits for the system.

They solve both problems while as the same time eliminating the need for a bank. Without having a financial institution as a middle man, all parties involved will be able to profit more. The Rise platform makes buying and selling properties easy and secure for anyone who wants to benefit from their solutions in real-time, regardless of where they live in the world.

There is also a FAQ page on the company website that answers a lot of questions. And you can also submit your email to receive company newsletters keeping you up to date with the ICO and state of the platform.

As for the team of Rise, they are a group of people whoa are magnetized to the project. They are doing all that can be done to watch it come to completion. And each team member of Rise is a big thinker, with exceptional talents, skills and work ethic. They are paving the way, using Rise as a platform that will have a positive social impact.

The team can be seen in full on the company website, Monika Proffitt is the founder and CEO with verified Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. She has created another project responsible for bringing in more than one million dollars in revenue to the poorest part of Mexico. Monika is a social entrepreneur and artist/writer who is currently working at the nexus of fintech, in real estate and carries a strong social impact with her. She is the spearhead of a team of eleven other members who are all equally skilled in their respected area of interest. Along with the team, there are nine advisors on board, there to help ensure the company doesn’t experience hang ups or make mistakes that cold bring their forward movement to stop.

Rise Housing (RSE Token) In Conclusion

The platform Rise Housing is a cryptocurrency and blockchain asset and equity platform focused around real estate. The platform creates liquidity for all asset holders who are on the platform through a market that is only readily available for tenants and investors. They are a sounds company, operating with transparency and a solid team.

In my opinion, Rise Housing is a safe investment for anyone, regardless of experience, position, profession or desired reason for using the platform.

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