Rivet ICO

Over the recent years, the world has seen large-scale adoption of technologies such as mobile phones and tablets – smart devices capable of computing power and providing users with features and functionality that far surpasses that of the ordinary phone.

Naturally, users and adopters have found thousands of ways in which to use their mobile devices, and as a result, these devices routinely contain information and data which needs the best protection that it can get.

About Rivetz

Enter Rivet, the next-gen cyber security solution which uses the power of decentralized blockchain technology, and its own platform token christened RvT or the Rivet Token, to provide users with exemplary cyber security, attestation and identity management solutions that is reinforced by existing hardware.

Rivetz plans to make use of hardware features that are currently to be found in most mobile devices as a leverage for providing added security and protecting sensitive customer information such as passwords, important documents and payment information.

Rivetz ICO Unique Concept

When it comes to ensuring perfect, impenetrable security for sensitive information contained in smart devices like mobile phones or tablets, most of the current solutions in the market are powered by software.

Software, however, is also vulnerable to outside attacks from those with malicious intent, and is therefore not a complete, comprehensive solution.

Rivetz aims to solve this problem by using the Trusted Execution Environment or TEE, a hardware layer that is already present in most consumer smart devices, to provide the protection.

The platform uses blockchain technology and its own digital token, the RvT, to verify device health and data health, and the data is securely stored inside the device TEE, invisible to the operating system and the software, and completely secure from all standard forms of hacking or malicious ingress.

This is exactly the kind of security that many avid users of mobile devices have wanted for many years, and the Rivetz solution can be the perfect fit both for personal and business users of these devices.

Hardware-Backed Protection

The TEE is like a vault inside a mobile device – a hardware layer that is completely isolated from the supported platform and app environment. Software of any kind cannot access this part of the hardware, making it a prime location where sensitive user data can be stored and protected comprehensively.

Rivetz makes use of the existing hardware TEE layers that is present in most consumer-grade mobile devices, and uses this space as a storage medium for user information like passwords, keys, payment information, ID and government documents, and any other private information.

By doing this, Rivetz ensures that most of the problems that plague software security solutions do not happen with this system.

The low level hardware integration also opens up the possibility to use device health checks as a parameter of security, which is exactly what Rivetz does with the Rivet token and the decentralized implementation of blockchain technology that powers the platform.

The Cyber Security Token

The sole purpose of the Rivet token is to use blockchain technology to independently verify and attest the integrity and safety that is stored in the TEE layer of a particular device. This blockchain can perform a device health check, which can verify the integrity of the TEE vault in the device, ensuring that the data stored is secure.

This means that when users are in a situation where the health and integrity of their devices might be compromised at a hardware level, transactions would be blocked to ensure prevention of data breach.

Getting Started With Rivetz ICO

With a token sale impending, this is the best time to get on board with Rivetz. Users who are looking to adopt this platform can enter basic information in a form on the website and join the mailing list which promises more information and updates.

Rivetz ICO Conclusion

This unique security solution from Rivetz can help enhance the standards of mobile security in the years to come, and help users protect their sensitive data more efficiently.

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