Rivetz, DataBroker DAO Partner For Secure IoT Sensor Data Exchange Delivery

Rivetz and Databroker DAO Alliance have announced a partnership to enable world-class embedded security for sensor data.

While Rivetz is an industry leader in embedded, blockchain-based mobile security solutions, Databroker DAO Alliance is the first decentralized marketplace for IoT sensor data,

Through the partnership, Alliance members of DataBroker DAO can rest assured that their sensor data is secure and private with Rivetz technology.

Rivetz's access to the existing hardware security capabilities built into millions of devices and its blockchain technology ensure the safety of digital assets and transactions are secure.

DataBroker DAO is the first marketplace to buy and sell sensor data. As a decentralized marketplace for IoT sensor data using blockchain technology, the company enables sensor owners to turn generated data into a revenue stream. Using their ERC20 token, DTX, the platform allows sensor owners to sell the data they collect while enabling entrepreneurs and organizations to buy and aggregate data or resell the enriched data.

According to Matthew Van Niekerk, co-founder and CEO of DataBroker DAO, “Rivetz provides the cybersecurity for the users and devices of the IoT ecosystem.

“We are happy to know they are on DataBroker DAO, and that they will be part of the synergy within our Alliance members by adding trust within the marketplace.”

Steven Sprague, founder and CEO of Rivetz said “As a cybersecurity organization we are excited to be part of the DataBroker DAO Alliance. We look forward to ensuring trust in for Alliance members by assuring a known device in known conditions is consuming or creating provable data. Working together with the Alliance members Rivetz strives to ensure the security of the entire ecosystem.”

Rivetz's best-in-class security solutions hinge upon access to the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), which is an isolated, measured computer environment separate from the operating system. By provisioning all digital transactions through the TEE, Rivetz assures that users' private keys cannot be altered or stolen if the operating system were tampered with or infected by malware.

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