RJ Hilton

In today's world, there are many multinational companies in the race of launching the AI (artificial intelligence), R.J. Hilton being one of them who will be launching its own artificial intelligence system. It is a big multinational company whose area of operations are into cybersecurity and now they are focusing on blockchain development by building their first ecosystem of artificial intelligence. The AI will run on a bio-metrics platform and would be called ‘Global Body Data’

The technologies developed by the scientists at Elpis Eremo Inc., and in collaboration with Swiss-based (predominantly white institutions) PWI. It will use (AI) with Elpis Eremo. It has some great features like intelligent digital key/password which is very accurate in identifying a person. R.J. Hilton is creating a unique design of AI which will support Blockchain technology on a fresh level.

The combination of the Blockchain and AI is unique and is the next generation technology which is our future. In future, the companies must develop these platforms to survive in the market. This combination is just for the cybersecurity. Cybersecurity will be helping the blockchain to be more robust and it will be a boon to healthcare and financial enterprises where the security is at the highest point.

Hilton has the rights to use the patent and can commercialize the AI. Its technology is the most advanced and unique for cryptocurrency exchange customers and enterprise. This is the biggest market opportunity to explore and make the profit.

As the technology is evolving security is the biggest problem which is yet to be solved. All the information about a person is there online, and anyone can hack it. There are so many processes where the security falls in line and those are digital currencies, digital assets, digital identities, digital records etc. Cybercrime is the most common crime which now-w-days is happening to almost every country.

The main threat with the digital currencies and digital assets are that if by any chance one of the code either from digital currency or digital asset is hacked by someone, then all the information would be leaked. So, Global body data has a unique biological code to create a duplicate person which gives it the most reliable and secured security.

By far the most trusted platform where the user feels more secure and reliable.

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