Since it was founded on Reddit about three years ago, we have seen rLoop create one of the top Hyperloop technologies in the world. The team is looking to scale its design and attract investors by adopting Blockchain to make the idea a reality. In fact, there are ongoing plans to launch an ICO to raise capital and allow investors to own a piece of their Hyperloop.

rloop and the Ethereum Blockchain

The Blockchain technology presents a disruptive way of conducting business, allowing users and organizations across the globe to build a decentralized network without necessarily involving the middlemen gatekeepers like it used to be the case. rLoop believes that their idea represent “future of work” and change how the transport sector.

By using Ethereum Blockchain, rLoop team is convinced that it will expand and solidify its culture, as well as its collaborative processes by taking advantage of the smart contract system to enable individuals to be part of an amazing engineering revolution.

About rLoop

Can you imagine living in a world where it’s possible to travel between two cities, say San Francisco to Los Angeles, in just 30 minutes? That’s what rLoop strives to achieve. Formed on Reddit, a social media platform, rLoop is a transportation system called a Hyperloop that’s intended to make high speed transit safe and efficient.

Proposed by Elon Musk, iHyperloop would enable passengers in different cities to travel at an incredible speed of 700 miles per hour, making it possible for people to live in one city and work in another. Its benefits include:

  • Solar powered, reducing oil dependence
  • Safer for both passengers and pedestrians
  • Generates power as it moves
  • Immune to weather conditions
  • 100% autonomous
  • Reduce air and vehicle traffic
  • Decreased noise pollution

rLoop Launches ICO For Funding

With Space X approving the design, rLoop is now looking to seek support to successful brings their idea into a reality by launching an ICO. Investors’ contribution will create a great opportunity for advancing Hyperloop technology.

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