What Is RoBET?

RoBET is the newest decentralized multi-Cryptocurrency blockchain-enabled platform, which aims at offering users incredible IGaming experiences with Cryptocurrency exchange options. The platform is an innovation of a team of experienced experts in the Cryptocurrency, communication and technology fields, led by Edoardo Narduzzi.

How RoBET Blockchain Cryptocurrency Sports Betting App Functions

Like most IGaming platforms, RoBET operates on a smart contract platform with user security guarantee features. The platform targets are betting gurus by providing them with a user-friendly sportsbook account opening. Through this, users can place their bets, adjust risks and accept bets from other users. Members then stand a chance to win crypto coins of their choice. By so doing, if you own more than one crypto coin wallet, you get the chance to select which one you would like to top up with your win, thus saving you on transaction exchange costs.

Additionally, since the platform is on blockchain technology, all transactions are transparent and secure thus protecting users from cases of corruption and theft. Users gain access to all functions they require to manage their digital wallets such as protection of email addresses, bank accounts, transaction history, etc. However, you have to purchase tokens to create their wallets. The RoBET token is RAC, and it’s the only access key to all the RoBET services/activities.

Furthermore, according to the developer, the RoBET platform is ready to give its users an experience like no other. All this is possible through the incorporation of a wide range of sporting activities for betting. The players on the platform have an option to take part in skill-related events in the line of sports to sharpen their skills and demonstrate their capabilities. Through this gaming aspect, users stand to gain a 20% profit sharing margin in each quarter of the year.

RoBET Pros

If you are a betting enthusiast, then there are so many reasons as to why you should join RoBET. First, the platform gives you an opportunity to take exercise your passion in a secure ecosystem. Through this, you safeguard your details from hackers and spammers who have come rampant in the recent days.

Additionally, you get an opportunity to mingle with like-minded individuals which expose you to better ideas, potential partnerships, and long-term friendships. If by any chance you decide to take part in the skill sports activities, you gain by sharpening your skills and standing a chance to win crypto coins for your wallet.

As for now, the number of tokens up for pre-sale is on the limit, which shows that this platform pays close attention to quality than quantity, which is a good sign.

RoBET Cons

While the number of reasons to join this ICO outnumbers the possible cons, you should know that there is no guarantee of success when it comes to this kind of investments. So while considering on investing, it would be a wise idea to start small, not unless you are a risk taker. Additionally, if betting is not your then spending in RoBET is a bad idea.

RoBET Conclusion

RoBET is a decentralized blockchain-enabled platform with a focus on multi-sport betting coupled with crypto exchanges. The primary target of the platform is betting experts with the desire of a safe operational ecosystem. However, investment on the ICO is only in the pre-sale phase through the RAC tokens.


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