If you are visiting this page, you either stumbled upon it while browsing our blog or was looking for more information about Robinreit. In case you are in the second group, you are probably wondering what the hell was Robinreit. We will try to answer that.

Are you looking for an investment that you can trust? Then run because that is certainly something that you will not find in such an amateurish work. If you are, by any reason, still interested in knowing more about Robinreit, then by all means, continue reading.

What Is RobinReit?

Robinreit has, possibly, the worst ICO site ever. The site is absolutely ridiculous and it looks like it was designed by a child. Instead of using a normal display, the information is all in pictures and it does not use capitalization or punctuation very well. The layout of the site is also very confusing and amateurish.

How RobinReit Real Estate Property Cryptocurrency Works

Robinreit is a blockchain company that offers Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) services. Basically, it buys mortgages and, thanks to an incentive of the government of Singapore, it will be able to get profitable deals.

It is a simple deal of financing the company to make some investments in overseas real estate and then waiting your share in the profits, which will last for as long as the company exists.

Who Is Behind RobinReit?

The team is basically… Robin Huang, which actually named the company after himself. The site displays some information as the “reddit community” as the Chief of Finances and “property investor” as Chief of Accounting, but yeah, the only person working in this company is Robin Huang.

Robin is a young cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiast and entrepreneur based in Singapore. He has decided to open this company all by himself (and it shows) and intends to create future offices in China, Mumbai and New York.

RobinReit RREIT Token ICO Details

To create the platform and start the company. Robin has created an Initial Coin Offering that is already online. You can use it to buy the unnamed ERC20 token that the company will use to give you your share of its profits.

The main positive point about investing in Robinreit would be that 90% of the profits made from the company are going to the shareholders while only 5% will go to the creator. There are almost no ICOs that give such a high percentage to investors.

There is no need for registration or for Know Your Customer procedures, you only need to send Ethereum to an address and the “transaction record will be proof of ownership”. After the end of the ICO, you will supposedly receive your tokens.

If you contribute with more than $450 and you are between the 200 first investors, you will receive a bonus of 25% tokens.

RobinReit Conclusion

Would you give your money to a guy that has created such an awful site? Yeah, we didn’t think so. While the offer that the company makes to you is not necessarily bad it is very hard to take the company slightly seriously when it is so blatantly bad as it is. Also, the tokens does not even seem to have a ticker or a name, how amateur is that?

We should also warn you that just sending ETH to a wallet without having any guarantee that you will ever receive your tokens is simply very risky. Because of this, it looks very unsafe to invest in Robinreit.

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