The PC video game market is worth more than $27 billion. However, only a handful of companies dominate the digital download business for PC video games. Robot Cache hopes to change this.

Robot Cache is the world’s first decentralized video game distribution and resale platform based on blockchain technology. The platform hopes to reduce the fees publishers pay by 80%. Gamers will also get a chance to resell their digital PC video games.

The platform is a game changer and rewards both the PC gamers and game developers or the publishers. A team made of experts that have been part of the game industry for a long time developed the platform. The team understands what needs to be done for the Robot Cache platform to be a success. The platform will be home to some of the hottest games from the world’s best developers. By the end of the token generation period, the platform will be live and fully functional.

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Advantages Of The Platform

The platform offers the advantages below to both gamers and developers:

Higher Margins

Publishers are the main people who take many risks when it comes to video game production. Thus, it is only natural that they take the biggest rewards. At Robot Cache, they are rewarded as the standard distribution fee paid by publishers that goes up to 30% is reduced to 5% on the platform.

Games Resale

Publishers will get more rewards as the resale of their games will see them get incremental income. Gamers, on the other hand, will be able to resell the games after they are done playing.

Token Mining

Gamers get to put their gaming PC into good use as they can choose to use the PCs for mining digital coins. They get rewards in form of Robot Cache’s IRON tokens for mining.

Token Ecosystem

The proceeds from the game resale became part of the ecosystem and gamers can use them to purchase more games on the Robot Cache platform.

More Rewards

Gamers will be rewarded for being part of the Robot Cache platform. For instance, when a gamer buys his or her first game they will be rewarded with a small number of IRON tokens. Further, when the gamer purchases their 10th game the gamer will again be rewarded with a few IRON tokens.

The community rewards are given when active gamers reach a certain number. All the gamers who own at least one game get IRON tokens based on their purchases. Further, when 25,000 games have been resold any gamer who participated in the resale is rewarded.

Additionally, the social rewards are given to gamers who refer their friends to the Robot Cache platform. If the friend purchases a game then the gamer who referred the friend gets IRON tokens.

The Robot Cache IRON Token

The IRON token is designed to provide the maximum economic benefits and Security to gamers and game developers. The ERC-20 token is based on the Ethereum network and will be the main token that will be used on the Robot Cache platform. The total number of tokens to be issued has been well calculated to ensure they support the expected demand and to ensure the value of the token appreciates.

The total IRON token supplied will be 300,000,000 tokens, 30% of these tokens will be available during the token sale. The token sale date will be announced soon on the Robot Cache site.

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