The creator of the first robot-man on Blockchain and expert on cybersecurity

Simone Giacomelli is the co-founder and head of the Blockchain at SingularityNET, which developed the first robot man Sophia, the founder of Vulpem Ventures, a cyber-security company based on Blockchain. Simon is the adviser of several large ICOs, including DS Plus, which promotes the “national cryptocurrency” PlusCoin.

In the crypto-industry he has been working since 2013. One of the first projects was the ReggioBit platform, which at that time was the largest resource for the exchange of bitcoins in Italy. Fame in the crypto-community he received as one of the developers of the world's most secure Heavycoin Blockchain protocol, the Europecoin protocol for managing user loyalty, the specialized protocol Diamondcoin.

At the Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit in Dubai, Simon Giacomelli will be a participant in a panel discussion on ICO with the use of Artificial Intelligence. In addition, he will act as an expert on the protection of personal data in the Blockchain-ecosystems. If one are concerned about cybersecurity, the best way to discuss this with Giacomelli is difficult to imagine.

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