Robotix RBTX ICO

How Robotix Corp Can Benefit the Health Sector

Healthcare systems only work best with an efficient platform for its information storage. The systems would not be complete without the input and analysis of data, and reports that are designed to support the medical procedures.

As of now, information technology enables an organization in the management of functions like planning, developing, creating, implementation of systems and providing services.

These are essential for capturing, storing, processing, and communicating data, information and knowledge. The same goes for the healthcare industry. Healthcare IT industry has evolved over the years with many changes. However, the innovations are now on course to introduce blockchain-based medical venture that will revolutionize the healthcare systems.

Robotix Corp

The blockchain startup, Robitix Corp is a healthcare venture with the aim to create medical solutions to improve the conditions of our healthcare industry. It is an assumption that blockchain technology has the power to remedy our health system, and Robotix Corp wants to incorporate Ethereum blockchain.

Additionally, the Robotix Corp platform will improvise the use of AI application to manage the healthcare sector data and improve operations

How It Operates

  • Robotix App – the application will allow corporate users, and health practitioners an automatic research feature regarding their area of study or expertise. Additionally, it will allow for feedback from the users.
  • Robotix Services – this section will involve the processing of information from the data into the required trends or outcomes. Also, facilitate the authentication process for the RBTX token transactions
  • Robotix Core and Blockchain – as the center of the data network, it is responsible for all operations, storage, and safety of the confidential health information within the platform.
  • Ethereum Platform – with a decentralized structure, the Ethereum blockchain will facilitate the creation of the tokens and the use of smart contracts.

What Robotix RBTX Aims to Solve

It is no secret that our healthcare policy is facing challenges which are proving hard to overcome through our existing platforms. However, Robotix’s use of blockchain technology will help players in the health sector to find solutions critical issues that affect the global health sector.

Some of them include:

  • High cost – the cheap RBTX tokens will allow users from all walks of life to access medical services and professionals.
  • Lack of accountability – the inclusion of smart contracts helps build a sense of diligence in the whole project and can go a long way in ensuring trust among the healthcare industry players.
  • Lack of initiatives – with a technological platform, ventures and innovation can prove critical in coming up with cures or even containing epidemics by having an efficient database.
  • Long and unnecessary clinical processes – Robotix Corp patients won't have to undergo the complex procedures often with our traditional healthcare system. The platform will facilitate a quick connection to the doctor, or the hospital.
  • Poor health management – utilization of AI mechanisms to handle the health data will assist in improving the operational efficiency of the medical sector and its overall management.

Are You Capable of Investing?

As is often the case with these ICOs, I would have no way of knowing if the platform would pull through with their intentions or fall off half-way through its course. While the implementation of AI will assist the medicinal industry, Robotix still has a lot to improve before it can substantiate its claim in the blockchain scene.


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