With all of the evolution that has been going on in the digital domain for the past decade, it is now clear that the next wave of technological breakthroughs will primarily be based within the blockchain sector.

As we all know, Bitcoin is the biggest crypto asset in the market today. Its popularity has increased by over a thousand percent within the past couple of years, with the value of a single coin touching a staggering $20K USD last november.

What Is Roburst Network?

Roburst Coin can basically be thought of as a traditional cryptocurrency that can be transferred across the globe within a matter of minutes in a completely safe and secure manner. The currency can be used within the Roburst platform that provides its customers with a collection of services that include:

  • The Roburst Trading Bot— a digitized trading tool that helps users monitor markets closely as well as give accurate predictions pertaining to the value of different alt-coins.
  • A Digital Wallet— this native currency holder can be used to facilitate asset exchange as well as foster currency trading in a hassle free manner.

Roburst Network Crypto Payments & Trading Bot Benefits


As per the whitepaper, the platform can be easily adopted within diverse fields ranging from healthcare, to education, to e-commerce

No Fees:

All of the transactions that take place within the Roburst network are executed completely free of charge.

Open Source:

Owing to its use of a public API module, third party developers also have the ability to implement the ‘Roburst Payment Gateway’ into their personal applications and websites.

Real Time Transactions:

Through the issuance of a native smart cryptocurrency (RSC) card, users will have the ability to withdraw cash from regular atms, as well as use POS machines to execute everyday transactions.


Roburst Coin is designed through the use of multi-signature accounts which allow for an added layer of security.

DPoS Zlgorithm:

The platform implements a unique consensus algorithm that focuses on democratizing the entire ecosystem. In addition to this, DPos also allows for faster transaction speeds.

Who Is Behind Roburst Network?

Samantha Wilson is the primary brain behind this entire setup. She holds a Ph.D in Economics from the University of California and has been in the digital domain for nearly a decade. Similarly, Daniel Lee is the CTO and Co-founder of Roburst Network. He is an MIT graduate, and holds a Masters degree in Computation Design and Optimization.

Roburst Network ROC ICO Details

In all there will be a total of 420,000,000 ROC coins that will be created. Out of this number, only 315,000,000 tokens will be released for sale. As for the pricing of this currency, the value of 1 ROC currently stands at 0.00001 bitcoin (BTC).

The ICO is presently underway and is scheduled to conclude on the 24th of April, 2018. Additionally, there is a hard cap of $50 million USD and a soft cap $10 million USD in place.

Distribution of Tokens

  • 75% of the currency pool has been set aside for public utilization
  • 10% will be used to establish the “Roburst Community Program”.
  • The remaining 15% will be split between and used for diverse purposes such as “Bounty Creation”, “Team incentives” etc.


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