The speculative nature of cryptocurrencies has made it volatile to many factors which remain outside the control of the team, the platform or its services. To solve this issue, many cryptocurrencies have based their value on tangible real world things. Rocati is one of them.

About Rocati

Rocati was born to kick-start the real economy of a nation through the purchase of real estate properties and plans to become the global reference currency of the industry. They want to be the torch bearer for reinvigorating the real estate market. The advantage Rocati has over other tokens is that it is based on concreteness and not speculation. They pay particular attention to the environment with the goal of reducing energy waste. Their strategy encourages financial innovation in the real estate industry, aimed at disseminating safety and protection in order to offer convenient, safe and reliable solutions to the consumer.

The Rocati method speeds up and simplifies real estate commerce. Rocati wants to expand the concept of cryptocurrency, from the world of trading to the real world. A revolution in the real estate industry will begin through the blockchain.

The underlying idea of the platform is to introduce this cryptocurrency as a payment instrument into the market for the purchase and sale of residential real estate, bypassing the banking sector, and its additional banking costs, from real estate transactions and guaranteeing the realization of the possibility of buying and/or redeveloping residential real estate at a 100% mortgage without an initial installment when paying in Rocati cryptocurrency.

This provides a unique opportunity for young families with low incomes to acquire their housing facilities without starting capital. Another advantageous feature is a lower interest rate on mortgages than in the banking sector.

Rocati (RCT Token) Initial Coin Offering

ROCATI is a utility token designed and created to improve property sales through the platform. It is an ERC20 compliant token powered by Ethereum blockchain. The advantage of using Ethereum is that it is not only a network for exchanging currency but also a network for circulating contracts based on the blockchain. Capitalization of Rocati is 45 million euros, one token costs 1 euro.

By purchasing ROCATI, you will be able to buy a house through any of the ITARCO real estate agencies. Those who plan to buy a property will be granted a credit amounting to 100% of the value. Transparency of operations is ensured by an account through which a public official will record the deed directly onto the currency.

Rocati (RCT Token) Conclusion

ROCATI Limited wishes to expand the concept of cryptocurrency from the world of trading into the real life. This project aims to inextricably unite its social values to the purchase of a property. The right to a home has engaged the entire ROCATI team in finding the right technological and legal solutions for providing people the opportunity to purchase the home of their dreams. Just as low-cost airline companies have given everyone the opportunity to fly, ROCATI aims to the same with the home.

You can learn more about the company and its token on .

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