Rocket ICO

Rocket ICO is a platform that brings together start-ups, investors, and experts to accomplish different projects. The platform uses a token/coin with a ticker symbol ROCK. The entire blockchain community can access the network within the Rocket ICO platform.

The platform hosts various programs that work to launch and implement projects. The successful completion of these projects is the reward that token holders gain for joining the platform.

What Is Rocket ICO?

The company that makes the tokens is called Rocket. It is a public company founded in 2017. Its blockchain Professional Network has 21,161 members and 2,650 Ethereum members. You can read more about it on its website.

The company is in essence a platform that hooks up start-up teams, experts, and investors in their efforts to effectively manage the blockchain community and build the trust of members. The company’s endeavor is to form a network that benefits all of its members. It’s the first ever devolved accelerator for startup teams seeking to invest in cryptocurrency.

How Rocket ICO Works

The initial coin offering (ICO) that will raise funds for Rocket ICO is between August 15 and November 10, 2017.

The ICO forecasts an emission of 25 million tokens during this period. During the presale stage that will run between August 15 and September 5, some 1 million preRocketCoin tokens will be sold with a 50% bonus. The main ICO takes place starting on October 10.

The Ins And Outs Of Rocket ICO

A lot of expertise is required for a startup to effectively launch their ICO. They simply cannot afford to engage legal consultants, marketers, technical developers, and whitepaper writers.

Rocket ICO conceived the idea of an ICO then navigated its way out of the need for consultants by making use of its network of experts and investors. It successfully strategized creating projects and an ICO that attracted funding in cryptocurrency.

The main users of the system are:


These are mainly start ups and their teams who have ideas and ambition to invest in various projects, but lack the finances and experience to hold a successful ICO.


These are specialists with relevant qualification and have experience in holding successful ICOs. They are confirmed by the blockchain community.


They are community members who have cryptocurrency, in addition investment experience. Their aim is to make money from the projects that will be conducted on the platform.

Importance Of Rocket ICO

The platform will solve the many challenges encountered by startups and investors, especially their inability to hire consultants.

The members of the blockchain community will benefit from new opportunities created through their mutual cooperation.

The Rocket ICO platform is built on Ethereum, using elegant contracts that assure sufficient compensations for all who enroll in the system.

This interaction of the community members will build trust and result in a reasonable investment

Drawbacks Of Rocket ICO

The cryptocurrency market is fairly new and consequently mechanisms to regulate it have not been fully developed. There are various mainstream monetary systems in various governments that are averse to the entire idea of cryptocurencies and the Rocket ICO may suffer from these reservations.

Rocket ICO Conclusion

The main objective of the Rocket ICO is to create a system where experts, investors, and start-ups synergize their efforts towards commercially flourishing projects. This seems to have taken off well since the system as established enables experts and teams to interact in a way that benefits all.

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