Today we are going to review Rocketlend, a new cryptocurrency which promises to find its place in the blockchain market.

What Is Rocketlend?

Rocketlend is a new cryptocurrency company. With the motto of “democratizing wealth creation”, the idea that drives this company is that Rocketlend is a cryptocurrency which will help the average guy to make money with cryptocurrencies too. The creation of a multi-usage cryptocurrency platform is the answer that Rocketlend has created to help people get money with the blockchain technology.

This company believes that the world is ruled by banks and corporations that limit the access of the people to the wealth that is being created. Because of this, the creation of Rocketlend was an action to start the change and empower the people of the world, the company states.

One of the main goals of the company while designing this cryptocurrency was to create a coin which had the potential to let its users invest however they wanted and to maximize their earnings in a myriad of different ways.

How Rocketlend Crypto Coin To Lend, Trade & Invest With Works

The company is focused on decentralization and it uses different methods such as mining, staking and lending to enable people to make money while using Rocketlend tokens. Other preoccupations of Rocketlend are to be secure (which is provided by the decentralization because it makes harder to hack this company) and to function without a governing body.

This means that the decisions are made by the community, not only the company. Rocketlend really wants to be different from banks. You will be able to cash out your tokens in ATMs without having to pay high fees and you will be able to your iOS or Android app to mine, stake, lend or trade Rocketlend tokens.

Mining and staking will let you help the ecosystem constructed by the company and be rewarded with tokens while lending will let you lend your money to the company and then earn a certain interest rate when you get the money back. The money will be invested and both you and the company will profit from the lending.

Another option that you will have will be to use the debit card of the company which automatically converts your tokens into fiat currency, enabling you to pay for goods and services anywhere by using Rocketlend. You will also be able to change your tokens for ETH or BTC paying almost no fees at all.

Finally, you can also participate in the Rocketlend affiliate program and then you will be able to refer people to the company and earn money by doing so. There are many levels and the higher your level is, the more you will receive for the referrals.

Rocketlend RCKT ICO Details

If you are interested in investing in Rocketlend, you can always buy the tokens from the company during the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). If you to participate in the pre-ICO, which is already happening, you will have to register. During the main sale, which begins on March 20, you will be able to buy tokens, but not for the same price. The sooner you buy them, the cheaper they are.

The price of the tokens will range from $0.30 USD to $2 USD during the ICO. After the sale is over, you will be able to buy Rocketlend tokens in the following exchanges: Bithumb, Binance and Poliniex.

Rocketlend Verdict

Is this company a good investment for you? It is hard to say. While Rocketlend does not show any visible red flag and it does not look like a scam, you have to consider some points before you can be sure that investing in a company like Rocketlend is necessarily a good idea.

While the company tries to create an image of being different, its business plans are pretty bland and unoriginal. There are many cryptocurrencies in the market which are basically doing the same thing that Rocketlend does. This might affect the capacity of this company to produce a token which will get a good price in the market.

In the end, you have to choose. Investing in Rocketlend is a risk, but it might pay off in the end. Will you take this risk? The decision is yours.

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