Roger Ver 'Censorship on rBitcoin’ SubReddit Offers $250,000 Reward to Fix

‘Censorship on r/Bitcoin’ Considered Off-Topic and Removed Altogether

Roger Ver, one of the first to invest in bitcoin startups, has recently tweeted out saying that he would “donate $250K USD to the charity of Reddit’s choice if they simply appoint mods that allow people to actually discuss Bitcoin on /r/Bitcoin”.

This comes as a response to Reddit’s recent removal of a post titled, “Censorship on r/Bitcoin”, which has also been labeled as off topic. A comment made in regard to the removal suggested that the only topics discussed on r/Bitcoin should be about Bitcoin and any other matters related to it.

Censorship on r/Bitcoin from Bitcoin

In particular, StopAndDecrypt commented:

“Off-topic meta-discussion that incites or baits further off-topic discussion (intentionally or unintentionally) is off-topic.”

Roger Ver does not seem to be convinced of the decision, as he earlier on stated that “/r/Bitcoin is completely censored and has been for nearly 3 years now.”

It appears that the /r/Bitcoin mods have been having a go at banning users on a daily basis. Many believe that if users make a comment or publish a post that does not abide by the mods’ views, especially when it focuses on other cryptocurrencies, such users are either banned for a given time frame or permanently.

An example of this was shared via, where an individual published a post that discussed the possibility of low fees associated with Bitcoin when it is paired with lightning network. As a result, the individual was banned:

Have /r/Bitcoin Mods lost their Mind? from CryptoCurrency

This has had many crypto followers enraged, as r/Bitcoin mods currently have a lot of control in what’s being shared.

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