Rolecoin is a digital currency created by STEAMRole. The currency tracks and measures the skill and career development of each token holder. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is Rolecoin?

Rolecoin is a digital token that claims to provide “proof of progress for education.” The digital currency tracks and measures the skill and career development process of its recipient.

The main point of Rolecoin is to allow donors and investors to track the impact of the $100 billion annually given towards educating the STEM/STEAM workforce of the future.

Rolecoin was created by STEAMRole, a company that aims to “help the workforce of the future discover who they can become and how to get there.”

A token sale for Rolecoin tokens will take place on April 15, 2018.

What Problems Does Rolecoin Seek To Solve?

Rolecoin’s whitepaper mentions that $100 billion is given away annually to encourage future STEM/STEAM education and development. Donors and organizations often struggle to track the impact of their donations.

These organizations provide education, training, and career development designed to prepare students for careers in science, technology, engineering, art/design, and math (STEM/STEAM fields).

Despite all of this investment, there’s a global shortage of STEAM professionals. The United States, according to the Rolecoin whitepaper, has 3 million STEM jobs that employers are unable to fill every year.

Some of the specific identified problems include:

  • The landscape is littered with piecemeal solutions aimed at students and the companies that educate those students, but there’s no single standard across the industry
  • Companies worldwide struggle to fill vacant STEM and STEAM positions despite all of the investment and education flooding into the sector
  • Organizations that educate individuals often struggle to track the progress of their investment; there’s no reliable way to track the impact of their education and investment over the long-term
  • Today’s STEM/STEAM support platforms have significant flaws, including a failure to provide the necessary guidance to students and a focus on education and training instead of overall guidance

How Does Rolecoin Work?

Rolecoin is primarily designed for organizations that provide education funding to individuals – specifically for organizations that target STEM/STEAM education. Some of the groups that can benefit from Rolecoin include:

  • Grant-making foundations
  • Impact investors
  • Education-focused philanthropists
  • Non-profit organizations focusing on STEM and STEAM training and development

The goal is for all of these organizations and individuals to finally have a way to track the long-term impact of their investments.

Obviously, tracking someone’s long-term career progression and achievements seems like a challenging task. So how does Rolecoin plan to do it?

Rolecoin will be used to interact with the STEAMRole network. Keep reading to find out how STEAMRole works.

How Does STEAMRole Career Development Currency Work?

The STEAMRole network will connect all groups and actors in the field of STEM/STEAM education.

Students and aspiring professionals in the STEAMRole network are called “Steamers”. These Steamers can interact with role models and follow the paths of these role models to professional success.

Organizations dedicated to fostering young talent in the field will be incentivized to support Steamers as they progress through their careers.

Additionally, large impact investors who want to make a measurable difference will be able to “pollinate the network” with contributions to fuel interactions between all participants.

With that in mind, the STEAMRole ecosystem is broken down into all of the following groups:


Steamers are young aspiring professionals and students looking to begin their career or progress in their current one. They create a STEAMRole profile and add all relevant demographic data. Once the profile is complete, Steamers can discover careers that interest them by swiping through the profiles of STEAMRole Models. Steamers follow students that inspire them, viewing motivational videos and guidance materials posted online by each role model.

Role Models:

STEAMRole Models are working professionals looking to inspire the next generation. They can join the platform directly or be onboarded by employers. They create a profile, add relevant demographic data, then enrich their profiles with stories, videos, links to their LinkedIn profiles, and more. Role Models can also recommend Steamers that stand out, helping Steamers get an advantage when seeking a new job.

Corporate Partners:

As demand for STEM/STEAM professionals increases, it becomes more and more important for corporations to access new talent pools. This will encourage corporations to join the STEAMRole platform. To become part of the platform, corporate partners pay a subscription fee, then gain access to various tools designed to help them find the next crop of employees. Corporate partners can reach out to qualified Steamers, post job openings, and steer students towards becoming their ideal candidates of the future.

Non-Profit Organizations:

Non-profit organizations that provide education, training, and career development will be encouraged to join the STEAMRole platform because they’ll be able to provide ongoing inspiration and career guidance to Steamers. Some of the sample non-profit organizations that could benefit from the platform include Girls Who Code or the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, among other similar groups.

Foundations & Impact Investors:

Impact investors sit “at the apex” of the STEAMRole ecosystem. This group includes large philanthropic foundations, venture funds, and wealthy individuals. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is listed as one example. these organizations have a dashboard that allows them to track investor money over time,viewing proof of progress as their donations are utilized.

The ecosystem is built on the STEAMRole blockchain. All transactions will take place using Rolecoin tokens. All Rolecoin transactions into and out of the ecosystem will be tracked, allowing investors to see the impact of their investments into Steamers.

STEAMRole will also have something called the Diverse Talent Pipeline or DTP, a dashboard that allows corporate partners to “inspire, track and shape potential future hires.” Corporations are encouraged to build their ideal Steamer models, for example, and add roadmaps that future candidates can follow.

Participants on the STEAMRole platform will be able to view the proof of progress (PoP) dashboard. This dashboard is accessible to any foundation, non-profit, or impact investor that funds students with Rolecoins. The dashboard lets these participants track any Rolecoins they have donated, including the movement of those Rolecoins over time.

RoleCoin ROLE ICO Details

The Rolecoin ICO will sell tokens at a rate of $1000 USD = 10,000 Rolecoins.

The ICO is scheduled to begin on April 15, 2018. Bonuses of up to 100% are available during the token sale.

Rolecoin Token Distribution

Once fully mined, there will be a total supply of 1 billion Rolecoins. 35% of those are reserved for the ICO and pre-ICO. 30% are reserved for “proof of progress” mining, acting as rewards for participants on the network. The remaining tokens are distributed to founders and shareholders (20%) and a reserve fund (15%).

Who’s Behind STEAMRole And Rolecoin?

STEAMRole and Rolecoin were founded in Q1 2017 by Clarence Wooten. Wooten is a serial entrepreneur and product architect who has founded and built several companies in eCommerce, marketplace services, and enterprise SaaS and fintech. Clarence was co-founded and CEO of, which was acquired for $23 million at the height of the Dot Com boom in November 1999. Clarence later worked on, Progressly, and

Other listed members of the team include Education Strategy Advisory Roberto J. Rodriguez, who previously served as President Obama’s Deputy Assistant for Education, and Chief Marketing Officer Yoli Chisholm, the former Director of Digital Marketing at Microsoft.

STEAMRole Inc. was incorporated by Cooley, a tech company, in Q2 2017.

The company signed its first corporate Diverse Talent Pipleine (DTP) partner, HP, in Q3 2017. A private beta took place in Q1 2018, and the platform aims to fully launch over the course of 2018.

RoleCoin Conclusion

STEAMRole aims to encourage participation in STEM and STEAM career development. The blockchain-based platform provides ongoing career discovery, inspiration, and guidance to students called Steamers. Steamers can follow role models or interact with professional training organizations and corporations through the platform.

To learn more about STEAMRole and its Rolecoin token, visit online today a The token sale for Rolecoin tokens begins on April 15.

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