What Is RoninAI?

RoninAi is a platform that seeks to engage cryptocurrency investors through the employment of Ai algorithms, to determine when a trader can hold, buy or sell. The software analyzes data and online indicators, including tweets, to give the best course of action and ensures investors manipulate every opportunity.

RoninAi provides valuable predictive analysis on the crypto markets, especially for investors that are hands off. Investors that also lack expert skills stand to benefit by learning how the market works, and know when to buy or sell. Clients enjoy the latest unbiased predictions after the analysis of vast data, before making an investment decision.



RoninAI Advantages

  • Investors know when to buy, sell or hold with RoninAi predictions
  • Maximization of opportunities to improve profits through predictive machine learning
  • Investors save on costs because no technical analyst is required. RoninAi is an analysis tool in itself
  • The promise of earning up to 3 times more
  • Ai signals and indicators illustrate the highest profit margins

The RoninAI Crypto Trading Investor Tools & Alerts Terminal Solution

The lack of crypto trading tools in the market adversely affects the profit margins of inexperienced crypto traders. RoninAi is utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve the crypto market, just like in traditional stock markets.

The network is composed of connected nodes, also known as artificial neutrons that automatically receive and process signals, before sending signals to other connected nodes. The process analyzes data without constant reprogramming. The best data points are weighed against each other to yield excellent returns for clients.

RoninAi technology is capable of learning pattern recognition for predictive purposes. Pattern recognition is useful in the social world, where sentiments on platforms such as Twitter, have evoked positive or negative responses towards cryptocurrency. Social sentiments are analyzed because they also have a significant influence on cryptocurrency prices.

Several tools use static automated algorithms which, unfortunately, responds inadequately to changing market patterns. Through putting effort into creating RoninAi, clients can enjoy a tool that fully processes vast quantities of cryptocurrency data to generate updated predictions and signals.

Through RoninAi, clients can also understand their level of cryptocurrency investment and read guides to set them on the right track. The platform seeks to fulfill different trading level needs and continuously improves clients.

RoninAI Benefits

  • Customized trading with Ai. Clients can set a frequency and signal priorities to let the machines do the heavy work.
  • Precise and complex decisions backed by historical and current data.
  • Crypto patterns that are easily generated on Ai, instead of relying on the human brain
  • Predictions of future tokens to be considered.

Current RoninAI Packages

Pro Terminal $199

This package comes with investor set tools and other trading tools such as:

Parabolic SAR, Influencer sentiment, Number of transactions, News Sentiment patterns, Hashing Power Indicator, bid-ask spread, ADX signals, among others.

Investor Terminal $49

This is an ideal package for beginner investors and gives access to key tools that help investors understand the market and perform. Tools included are RSI signals, Cryptocurrency trade, patterns, market capitalization, indicators, and relative performance.

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