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Rootstock (RSK) Smart Contract Platform Launches a Public Dapp Development Service

RSK Launches A Public Dapp Development Infrastructure Service

Smart contract platform that come with a 2-way peg to the bitcoin blockchain developer, the RSK Labs have announced the release of a new public infrastructure service. This service will enable Dapp developers to concentrate on their blockchain applications since the infrastructure will already be in place. Developers will now be in a position to achieve zero infrastructure installation process.

This news comes amid another RSK MainNet release as from January 2018, increase of more hasing power to combined mining process from different mining pool companies, the SBTC wallets integration and network hardening arising from the current release. All these projects aim at creating a more viable, secure and stronger smart contract protocol that is to run on the Bitcoin network.

With this protocol. Blockchain developers can shift their entire attention to development without worrying about installing any infrastructure part since this will have already been put in place. Developers will have an on-demand scalable platform to work on their applications.

Adrian Eidelman, RSK’s Chief Technology Officer says that this is an exciting development that will enable developers to now concentrate on creating solutions while RSK back them up with a reliable and scalable infrastructure. They will not have a need to install any longer.



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